Haunted Release #1 - Like/Dislike update, Mark as read and Achievements

2781 views    posted 31 Oct 2013, 14:11 by KickassTorrents    
Boys and girls of every age, would you like to see something... new?

1. The possibility to undo your like or dislike. It's been around for a while but now we got all the loose ends tied and you are free to use this helpful (and rep cheating safe) feature.


To undo your rating just click the rating option one more time.

2. Mark as read option for messages.
Everyone has them, so we decided that we need one too. You can find the option at the bottom of the page right next to the delete option.


3. We improved our achievements system and soon we'll offer a whole pile of them, so keep your eyes open.

As a bonus our magnificent mod team started their official competitions section in the community. Feel free to join in!

And a spooky Halloween to you lads and lassies!

New Messaging System Beta!

2757 views    posted 21 Aug 2013, 14:08 by KickassTorrents    
Finally with the Summer coming to an end we are ready to roll out some awesome new features!

1. New Messages
They're still in beta, but this system has way more potential than the old one and in time we will develop it into a modern messaging similar to dialogue messaging in social networks. Right now you can either use the messaging button, or just enter the recipients in the upper field in the Create New tab and initiate a dialogue with one of the fellow KAT users. Your new history will displayed in form of an easily editable dialogue and in time we will improve this system both visually and from the inside.

For a while you will also have access to the old messaging system but we will soon remove it completely, so if you really want to keep your old messaging history, go over to our forum and vote.


2. Search in Bookmarks


3. New Media Type: Book!
Hopefully this will help to organise most of the books that people upload here.

Moving to Kickass.To

4909 views    posted 14 Jun 2013, 14:42 by KickassTorrents    
We had to drop as a part of our global maintenance and move to This was a hard decision, but it was necessary for the further development of KickassTorrents. Stay tuned for more news.

The New Chat Beta!

936 views    posted 12 Jun 2013, 14:15 by KickassTorrents    

After our huge maintenance we finally started adding the new awesome features! First of them is a new chat option. From now on you can chat with any online user by clicking an icon under his or her avatar. The chat option is still in beta, so no chat history is saved. Be sure not to discuss important stuff there and use the PM's if you need to contact a mod or staff member.

And of course the usual Bugfix Menu.

upd. You can chat only with your friends!

Massive Maintenance

87 views    posted 30 May 2013, 13:01 by KickassTorrents    
The time has come and KAT is having the largest server maintenance ever.
We're reworking huge parts of the website and optimising things under the hood to improve your KAT experience and add some tech potential for our awesome upcoming features. Naturally this is a difficult process and some parts of the website might not be working correctly right now. The maintenance will be finished by Monday, so please hold your bug reports for a little while.

Thank you!

And be sure to check out Best Avatar Competition.

Vote Limit Removed!

45 views    posted 24 Apr 2013, 12:09 by KickassTorrents    
After some long discussions at the HQ and some under the hood work we decided to remove the vote limit! Rejoice!

Some New Changes!

69 views    posted 23 Apr 2013, 16:03 by KickassTorrents    
Hi everyone,
Today we had another minor release and few changes will be implemented with this one.

1. We decided to keep the vote limits, since we had no serious response and the poll showed that less that only few hundreds of our users want the limit removed.

2. We removed rep for posting comments on profile walls. This will hopefully stop the mindless rep abuse that we currently have.

3. You can check out the votes by clicking on the vote count.

Also don't forget to check out our Promo Vid Contest!

About the response. Seriously guys, 250 people on a website that has like 200k registered active users. That's just not the number of people that can make a difference, not even 0.5%. If you really want your opinions to be heard, try rallying more supporters.

New Likes Limitations

24 views    posted 09 Apr 2013, 15:25 by KickassTorrents    
Hi everyone,
We've been getting some negative feedback about the new limit on likes (20 + 1 like per each 1000 of reputation points), so we've decided to make a small vote on this. Our initial goal was to stop people from like and rep abuse and also stop the mindless mass likes that we currently observe (even the cooldown is not helping anymore). So we need you opinions and if we get lot's of them, we'll think of a new limit for likes.

Please vote here.

Upcoming "Torrents Day" on 30th of March

51 views    posted 15 Mar 2013, 16:10 by KickassTorrents    
Just a small heads up for everyone supporting torrents and free exchange of information - we'll have few small things for you to uphold the spirit of the Torrents Day (30th of March) and make it very special this year. Our Mod Team is even compiling a special album for Torrents Day and all registered users can participate! So be sure not to miss it.

And meanwhile enjoy the Saint Patrick's Day which will hit us this weekend!
Erin Go Bragh!

Subscription + Bookmarks = The New Bookmarks

80 views    posted 07 Mar 2013, 15:31 by KickassTorrents    
We took a bunch of Ideas from our IdeaBox and completely reworked the Bookmarks by merging them with subscriptions. The current version is still a little raw and we'll definitely add some more features soon, but for now enjoy the current version and be sure to leave some feedback in IdeaBox.


Enhanced and improved!