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I do not believe in God, neither in Jesus, Allah or any other God we worship today. Our Gods and religions are the remains of our ancient rituals and beliefs as we transitioned from a hunter/gatherer society to labor specialization in our first settlements. Man is the product of an unguided evolutionary process from the first basic chemical bondings, in a primordial ocean, to the first cells and later life. The evidence is all around us and we can no longer be in denial. The next 100 years will be monumental in our religious journey as our Gods will faint away, being replaced by a new framework of reason and knowledge.

Ever wondered how religion developed and why our Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Muslim religions came to dominate the world. Wanted to know where the Jewish tribes originated from and their first Gods. Why do we have countries of different faith and why is our religion so deeply embedded in our society. But even more telling - will religion exist after the next 100 years. Atheism is growing at an ever increasing rate. The Pew Research Center found that one-in-five U.S. adults do not identify with any religion. The percentage bigger for younger age groups. This book is becoming a best seller. It offers a consize and easy read explanation of our religious past and coming future. The future is here and it will be without our Gods. The last 100 years of religion is here.

Readers reviews received
"One of the best books that I have read in years. It does an exceptional job of explaining the history of gods, religion,and how we got to where we are today. It provides easy to understand evidence for formation of our universe and evolution. While it presents a hopeful view that religions will fade away as people understand that scientific evidence provides a better answer, it probably won't happen without some effort on our part. One thing is clear--the more people that read this book, the faster it will happen."

"This book is a must read for all. It is very informative and very moving. I would especially invite the deeply religious people out there to take a chance on this (although I seriously doubt they will). So I challenge them to read this. If your beliefs are so strong that nothing can change them, then I double dog dare you to read this!!!!"

"Why it has taken someone this long to write this book is beyond me. Kudos to Albert.
He very concisely sums up the history of our "love affair" with religion and it is not pretty. As someone was wont to say "I look and I look but I do not see any footsteps of god in the sands of time." Most religions expect you to believe all kinds of nonsense on "blind faith" alone. In this age of science and cosmology, where else are we asked to look the other way from something which is patently unreasonable and largely illogical.?"

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