Alien Memory Training Hypnosis [abduction ET UFO]

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Alien Memory Training Hypnosis [abduction ET UFO]

- a posthuman approach

by Chew Toy

Some people want to forget, some want to remember. This file is about forgetting.

Have you been abducted by aliens? Or maybe it was done by the CIA, a coven for witchcraft, a black triangular military anti-gravity spacecraft? After all, some aliens may not be that alien.

Are you bothered by that memory? Do you want to forget about it? Then this file is for you. Sometimes less may be more.

How many programmed monarch slaves are out there? How many humans claim to have been abducted by aliens? Why not compare those numbers? And how many indigo children are out there? And how many people display strange behaviors when it comes to seeing or not seeing the obvious? Think about it.

Remember that GOD never forgets about anything - even if you do. The universe will never forget your memories and therefore nothing shall be lost.

A trauma is a memory, and a trauma may be a burden. Getting rid of a memory may mean getting rid of a burden. Yes, this is mind control, brainwashing even, but why not wash away the dirt polluting your mind?

Humanity shall last for another thousand years and then it will be gone for good. Why burden yourself with sorrows? GOD's WILL shall be done anyway - with your sorrows or without them. Do you believe your sorrows will make it easier for GOD?

OK. Was this a demonic seduction or an angelic advice - or was it the Bandler effect? - you decide.

What makes you feel human is not human. Being human is just an idea in your Self - keep it or drop it. Believe in what you want to but don't believe in anything that limits you, restricts you, inhibits you, keeps you down. Any belief about yourself is as true as any other one - so why not choose the pleasant one?

Having a negative attitude about yourself will attract into your life events and beings confirming those beliefs and thus make them real. And therefore any belief, as destructive or constructive as it may be, will be confirmed by the cosmos and therefore will be believed in.

Now there are vast conspiracies out there destroying this planet, that's a fact, the WTC is gone for good, but your choice is how to feel about it and how to feel about yourself when it comes to managing that situation, whether you feel helpless about it or empowered, whether you perceive yourself as a mythical being or as a fly on the wall.

After all it's about having a truly autonomous mind, a mind that defines itself by itself, a mind that doesn't let other minds define what it thinks about itself. It's all about mental sovereignty.

What's the value of a sovereign nation-state if the citizens in it have no mental sovereignty? Your are your own nation-state, your own religion, your own king, your own emperor - if you want to.

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Alien Memory Training Hypnosis [abduction ET UFO]

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