Amiga Shopper magazine (Amiga) 1991-1997 Complete OCR'd PDFs /// RetroPDFs

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Amiga Shopper magazine (Amiga) 1991-1997 Complete OCR'd PDFs /// RetroPDFs (Size: 6.02 GB)
 AmigaShopper-Subcards.pdf2.23 MB
 AmigaShopper-SubscriberNewsletters.pdf24 MB
 AmigaShopper00-Apr91.pdf30.31 MB
 AmigaShopper01-May91.pdf89.29 MB
 AmigaShopper02-Jun91.pdf83.46 MB
 AmigaShopper03-Jul91.pdf98.3 MB
 AmigaShopper04-Aug91.pdf89.81 MB
 AmigaShopper05-Sep91.pdf86.57 MB
 AmigaShopper06-Oct91.pdf94.86 MB
 AmigaShopper07-Nov91.pdf103.36 MB
 AmigaShopper08-Dec91.pdf113.47 MB
 AmigaShopper09-Jan92.pdf119.29 MB
 AmigaShopper10-Feb92.pdf114.54 MB
 AmigaShopper11-Mar92.pdf110.08 MB
 AmigaShopper12-Apr92.pdf102.41 MB
 AmigaShopper13-May92.pdf100.69 MB
 AmigaShopper14-Jun92.pdf112.79 MB
 AmigaShopper15-Jul92.pdf104.25 MB
 AmigaShopper16-Aug92.pdf99.34 MB
 AmigaShopper17-Sep92.pdf94.03 MB
 AmigaShopper18-Oct92.pdf93.66 MB
 AmigaShopper19-Nov92.pdf108.91 MB
 AmigaShopper20-Dec92.pdf115.1 MB
 AmigaShopper21-Jan93.pdf109.32 MB
 AmigaShopper22-Feb93.pdf98.33 MB
 AmigaShopper23-Mar93.pdf87.21 MB
 AmigaShopper24-Apr93.pdf77.65 MB
 AmigaShopper25-May93.pdf80.82 MB
 AmigaShopper26-Jun93.pdf79.87 MB
 AmigaShopper27-Jul93.pdf80.12 MB


Amiga Shopper Magazine Issues 00-71 (April 1991 - January 1997)

Amiga Shopper was published by Future Publishing, and was a sister title
to Amiga Format and Amiga Power. It concentrated on the more serious
side to the Amiga, and carried no entertainment content at all -
concentrating instead on utility software and hardware reviews, and
multi-issue tutorials on programming and productivity. The magazine was
allowed to bow out gracefully in 1997, after a steady decline in page
count from it's peak in 1992.

These PDFs were lovingly scanned from my own collection. They've been
OCR'd to allow text searching and copying - this should prove very
useful for the retro archivist who'd like to have their own local
searchable archive. They should look great on most PDF readers.

As Amiga Shopper followed a fairly plain and simple layout, the OCR
software hasn't had too many problem parsing the content. I've had to
trim the edges of most of the issues to get them to scan, but mostly
this has just resulted in a page number or the edge of an advert being
lost. Some of the pages are slightly skewed - this is combination of the
original pages being similarly skewed, and a slip of the knife when
trimming the pages. Everything should be very readable though - there's
more details (and pictures!) of the process on the RetroPDFs blog. The
previous release had some issues with the OCR'ing in a handful of issues.

More OCR'd scans will be periodically available - please check (or Google RetroPDFs) for more

Thanks to all the visitors and donators to RetroPDFs for their support.
90's style "greets" to anyone formally or currently involved in the
Amiga scene, especially Pazza, Mic Flair, Violator, Denzil, Tango, Fat
Will, Torch, mUb and Maximan, and anyone else who read or wrote for LSD
Grapevine. Nostalgia ain't what it used to be ;)

Ken D (Google 'RetroPDFs')

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Amiga Shopper magazine (Amiga) 1991-1997 Complete OCR'd PDFs /// RetroPDFs