Audiostrobe Deep Delta Wave Programs (2010)

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Audiostrobe Deep Delta Wave Programs (2010)

The usual mkdelta subliminals inside with a strong hypnotic, sleep inducing effect (delta brainwaves).

delta waves 0.5 to 3 (4) Hertz

Regeneration and harmonious balance. The frequency band 3-12,5 Hz is the vitality "field". We "recharge", recover, and maintain homeostasis - the dynamic balance that keeps us alive. Our immune system strengthen, and our sleep is invigorating. In this field we get energy, Life force, and the power needed for a modern Life style.

specs: 2 hrs 42 min 9 secs, mp3, 320 kbps, 44.1 kHz, 16 bit

tags: hypnosis, subliminal, mind control, mkultra, delta, brainwave, binaural, health

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Audiostrobe Deep Delta Wave Programs (2010)