British standard Rev 2

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British standard Rev 2 (Size: 15.18 GB)
 BS 07671-2008 (2011) scan.pdf40.91 MB
 BS 07231-1-1990 scan.pdf35.68 MB
 BS 08103-3-2009.pdf29.56 MB
 BS 08006-1-2010 (2012).pdf17.97 MB
 BS 09251-2005 scan.pdf17.9 MB
 BS 07870-2-1999 (2004) scan.pdf17.87 MB
 BS 08118-1-1991 (1999) scan.pdf16.61 MB
 BS 02790-1992 scan.pdf14.91 MB
 BS 04727-3-08-1995 (1999) IEC 50(801)-1994.pdf14.33 MB
 BS 05228-1-2009 + A1-2014.pdf13.6 MB
 BS A 346-2000 (ISO 3161-1999).pdf2.41 MB
 BS A 332-1999 (ISO 9152-1998) scan.pdf2.39 MB
 BS A 342-1999 (ISO 9139-1998) scan.pdf1.89 MB
 BS A 343-1999 (ISO 9140-1998) scan.pdf850.86 KB
 BS A 333-1999 (ISO 3209-1998) scan.pdf803.57 KB
 BS A 334-1999 (ISO 3221-1998) scan.pdf795.26 KB
 BS A 326-1998 (ISO 3230-1998) scan.pdf758.77 KB
 BS A 361-2000 (ISO 12281-1999) scan.pdf747.23 KB
 BS A 330-1999 (ISO 12272-1998) scan.pdf690.97 KB
 BS A 360-2000 (ISO 12280-1999) scan.pdf596.63 KB
 BS AU 251-1994.pdf1.69 MB
 BS AU 214a-1-1987 (2000) ISO 8667-1986.pdf336.9 KB
 BS AU 242a-1998 scan.pdf322.59 KB
 BS AU 145d-1998 (2001).pdf238.66 KB
 BS AU 228-2-1989 scan.pdf222.41 KB
 BS CECC 299001-1999 (2000).pdf458.08 KB
 BS CECC 16101-1980 (2000).pdf430.75 KB
 BS CECC 17001-1984 (2000).pdf418.98 KB
 BS CECC 51001-1987 (1999).pdf388.31 KB
 BS CECC 16100-1980 (1999).pdf376.08 KB
 BS EN 13445-3-2014 scan.pdf120.9 MB
 BS EN 14492-1-2006 (2008).pdf38.82 MB
 BS EN 60061-3-1993 + A45-2012.pdf23.02 MB
 BS EN 00583-5-2001 (2004).pdf22.01 MB
 BS EN 01047-1-2005.pdf20.77 MB
 BS EN 60357-2003 scan.pdf15.95 MB
 BS EN 60289-1995 (2002) scan.pdf13.72 MB
 BS EN 60967-1991 scan.pdf12.7 MB
 BS EN 62271-100-2009 + A1-2012 (2013).pdf11.64 MB
 BS EN 60809-1996 (2004).pdf11.59 MB
 BS EN ISO 06507-4-2005 (2006) scan.pdf18.64 MB
 BS EN ISO 19902-2007 + A1-2013.pdf15.53 MB
 BS EN ISO 10439-2002 (2003).pdf14.36 MB
 BS EN ISO 22475-1-2006 (2007).pdf11.83 MB
 BS EN ISO 13704-2007 (2009).pdf10.75 MB
 BS EN ISO 16484-5-2014.pdf9.34 MB
 BS EN ISO 05198-1999 scan.pdf9.1 MB
 BS EN ISO 19906-2010.pdf8.8 MB
 BS EN ISO 19901-2-2004 (2005).pdf8.42 MB
 BS EN ISO 13628-4-1999 scan.pdf8.39 MB
 BS EN ISO IEC 13818-1-1997 (2000).pdf2.23 MB
 BS EN ISO IEC 17021-1-2015.pdf2.17 MB
 BS EN ISO IEC 80079-34-2011.pdf1.52 MB
 BS EN ISO IEC 17025-2005 (2006).pdf463.43 KB
 BS EN ISO IEC 17020-2012.pdf442.57 KB
 BS EN ISO TR 11688-2-2001.pdf704.69 KB
 BS IEC 60050-442-1998 (2000).pdf14 MB
 BS IEC 60050-821-1998 (2000).pdf7.66 MB
 BS IEC 61831-1999.pdf6.9 MB
 BS IEC 61000-5-2-1997 (1998).pdf6.3 MB
 BS IEC 62613-2-2011.pdf6.11 MB
 BS IEC 61010-3-020-1999.pdf5.74 MB
 BS IEC 61010-3-061-1999.pdf5.4 MB
 BS IEC 61010-3-010-1999.pdf5.08 MB
 BS IEC 60988-2009.pdf5.06 MB
 BS IEC 61010-3-051-1999.pdf5.05 MB
 BS ISO 10303-203-1994 (1996) scan.pdf36.34 MB
 BS ISO 10303-201-1994 (1995) scan.pdf32.73 MB
 BS ISO 10303-42-1994 (1995) scan.pdf18.56 MB
 BS ISO 10303-11-1994 (1995) scan.pdf18.37 MB
 BS ISO 10303-22-1998 (1999) scan.pdf17.83 MB
 BS ISO 10303-41-1994 (1995) scan.pdf13.69 MB
 BS ISO 13612-2-2014.pdf11.83 MB
 BS ISO 32000-1-2008.pdf11.6 MB
 BS ISO 02314-2009 scan.pdf11.54 MB
 BS ISO 22262-1-2012.pdf10.38 MB
 BS ISO CIE 19476-2014.pdf2.94 MB
 BS ISO CIE 11664-6-2014.pdf560.79 KB
 BS ISO CIE 10527-1991 (1999).pdf496.09 KB
 BS ISO CIE 10526-1991 (1999).pdf415.92 KB
 BS ISO IEC 08327-1-1996 (1997) scan.pdf18.74 MB
 BS ISO IEC 08822-1994 (1999) scan.pdf5.66 MB
 BS ISO IEC 08650-1-1996 (1997) scan.pdf5.27 MB
 BS ISO IEC 09576-1-1995 (1997) scan.pdf1.88 MB
 BS ISO IEC 10035-1-1995 (1997) scan.pdf1.77 MB
 BS ISO IEC 08650-2-1997 scan.pdf1.69 MB
 BS ISO IEC 29794-1-2009.pdf1.67 MB
 BS ISO IEC 14443-4-2008 (2009).pdf1.64 MB
 BS ISO IEC 19792-2009.pdf1.63 MB
 BS ISO IEC 27035-2011.pdf1.56 MB
 BS ISO TR 10303-12-1997 (1998) scan.pdf10.02 MB
 BS ISO TR 09464-1998 (2008).pdf5.08 MB
 BS ISO TR 12765-1998 (1999).pdf3.25 MB
 BS ISO TR 07066-1-1997.pdf2.56 MB
 BS ISO TR 12767-1998 (1999).pdf1.02 MB
 BS ISO TR 03313-1998 (1999).pdf928.92 KB
 BS ISO TR 09494-1997 (1999).pdf917.47 KB
 BS ISO TR 11696-2-1999 (2000).pdf838.45 KB
 BS ISO TR 09122-3-1993 (1998).pdf785.06 KB
 BS ISO TR 09122-4-1993 (1998).pdf642.89 KB
 BS ISO TS 12927-1999 (2000).pdf841.54 KB
 BS ISO TS 12928-1999 (2000).pdf783.29 KB
 BS ISO TS 15768-2000.pdf689.51 KB
 BS ISO TS 16922-2002.pdf380.4 KB
 BS M 78-1995 (2000) ISO 11078-1994.pdf942.1 KB
 BS M 76-1994 (2000) ISO 11076-1993.pdf373.96 KB
 BS M 75-1994 (2000) ISO 11075-1993.pdf316.99 KB
 BS MA 018-1973 (2000).pdf2.41 MB
 BS MA 100-1996 (1998) ISO 8217-1996.pdf495 KB
 BS MA 029-1982 (2000).pdf367.7 KB
 BS QC 160101-1987 (2000) IEC 255-19-1-1983.pdf526.63 KB
 BS QC 160000-2-1987 (2000) IEC 255-10-1979.pdf446.08 KB
 BS QC 160100-1987 (1999) IEC 255-19-1983.pdf364.37 KB
 CP 03010-1972 scan.pdf5.64 MB
 CP 00118-1969 (1999).pdf4.91 MB
 CP 00143-15-1973 (2007).pdf953.86 KB
 CP 00143-12-1970 (2007).pdf927.23 KB
 CP 02012-1-1974 (2000).pdf866.86 KB
 CP 00102-1973 (1999).pdf802.14 KB
 CP 00143-5-1964 (2007).pdf588.47 KB
 CP 00143-10-1973 (2007).pdf553.96 KB
 CP 00342-2-1974 (2007).pdf476.91 KB
 DD ISO PAS 22574-2007.pdf10.65 MB
 DD ENV 13563-2000 scan.pdf8.99 MB
 DD IEC TS 62558-2011.pdf3.94 MB
 DD IEC PAS 62596-2009.pdf3.32 MB
 DD ENV ISO 14253-2-2001 (2008).pdf3.14 MB
 DD ENV 61024-1-1995 scan.pdf2.72 MB
 DD CEN TS 14243-2010.pdf2.38 MB
 DD CEN TS 45545-2-2009.pdf2.28 MB
 DD CEN TS 15901-6-2009.pdf2.16 MB
 DD CEN TS 14751-2004.pdf2.11 MB
 BS 07533-102-2013.pdf6.2 MB
 BS 08545-2013.pdf4.24 MB
 BS EN 02002-1-1978.pdf3.54 MB
 BS 07671-2008 (2014).pdf2.03 MB
 BS 08903-2010.pdf1.62 MB
 BS 08591-2013.pdf1.33 MB
 BS 03998-2008.pdf1.11 MB
 BS EN ISO 22476-15-2014.pdf1.01 MB
 BS EN 13849-2-2010.pdf1.01 MB
 BS EN ISO 13849-2-2010.pdf1.01 MB
 PAS 02010-2006.pdf22.66 MB
 PAS 00096-2014.pdf8.37 MB
 PAS 00128-2014.pdf7.92 MB
 PAS 02050-1-2012.pdf7.58 MB
 PAS 00082-2012.pdf7.55 MB
 PAS 02030-2012.pdf7.52 MB
 PAS 00181-2014.pdf6.61 MB
 PAS 00402-2013.pdf6.36 MB
 PAS 00064-2013.pdf6.34 MB
 PAS 00137-2013.pdf6.01 MB
 PD 07974-3-2011.pdf27.53 MB
 PD 01000-2003.pdf27.27 MB
 PD CEN ISO TR 19905-2-2013.pdf15.83 MB
 PD ISO TR 12489-2013.pdf14.59 MB
 PD ISO TR 24578-2012.pdf14.01 MB
 PD 06461-2-1980 (2003).pdf13.5 MB
 PD 05500-2009 + A1-2009.pdf13.29 MB
 PD CEN TR 15522-2-2012.pdf10.57 MB
 PD 05304-2000.pdf9.95 MB
 PD CLC TR 50489-2006.pdf9.84 MB
 BS HD 60269-2-2013 (2014) BS 88-2-2013.pdf2.53 MB
 BS HD 60269-3-2010 + A1-2013 (BS 88-3-2010).pdf2.5 MB
 BS CISPR 16-2-1996 (2003).pdf1.1 MB
 BS ISO PAS 12006-3-2001.pdf862.31 KB
 BS CEN TS 01793-5-2003.pdf661.35 KB
 BS OHSAS 18001-2007.pdf526.94 KB
 OHSAS 18002-2008.pdf394.38 KB
 BS SP 22-27-1950 + A2-2011.pdf359.43 KB
 BS X 38-2005.pdf304.74 KB
 BS SP 13, 14, 15 & 16-1949 + A4-2011.pdf275.92 KB
 BS X 37-2004.pdf262.07 KB


updated version 2 of standards, more than 15,000 of them... enjoy the share and please share it to others... Not my torrent, but as the previous one, this one had so many standards that I had to share it back :)

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British standard Rev 2