Changing Your Eye Color with Hypnosis [+ultrasonic subliminals]

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Changing Your Eye Color with Hypnosis

WARNING: This is NO hoax!

Not happy with your eye color? Simply sit back and listen to this powerful hypnosis session which will enable you to naturally and safely change the pigmentation levels of your irises to your choice to suit your personality.

NB: While listening to this recording, sit or lie down in a calm, quiet and dark place with loose clothes, close your eyes and follow the instructions. You have to listen to the complete recording at the same time.


Concentration is important while listening. If you find that you are not able to fully concentrate on this recording, with your thoughts wandering elsewhere, please listen to the recording "Relieve Stress and Relax your mind with Hypnosis" and if needed "Improve your Memory and Recall Capacity with Hypnosis" before you listen to this recording.


As you know the famous biologist Bruce Lipton has been talking about changing your DNA with your mind. But since you cannot actually see your DNA his claims are hard to verify. However if you could indeed change the color of your eyes with hypnosis then this would corroborate Bruce's claims. It is probably fair to assume that the color of your eyes has something to do with your DNA and therefore we can assume that a visible change of your eye color may reflect a modification of your DNA.

This hypnosis does not change your DNA and then your DNA manifests as a different eye color, it's the other way round: at first you have the will to change the eye color and this directly changes the color, your DNA then registers this change and adapts itself accordingly and keeps that modification in its memory.

You may think this is a hoax, but even Alexander Lowen the famous body-therapist (Bioenergetics: The Revolutionary Therapy That Uses the Language of the Body to Heal the Problems of the Mind) had made this claim many years ago. He had observed that patients with a split personality sometimes had two different eye colors reflecting two different personality types. Of course nobody wanted to believe his claims back then.

But you're not meant to blindly and foolishly believe anything, you're meant to verify the claim as outrageous as it may appear, by scientific means. My own eye color seems to have changed over the past years, therefore I know it can be done. But you have to take pictures of your eyes before and afterwards to be sure that it doesn't just happen in your imagination.

It will probably take several months before you'll see any difference, therefore you will have to be patient and persistent. And remember: If you refuse to believe in the possibility then it won't work. An ossified paradigm will sabotage any miracle. Miracles can happen and do happen even for you. And please, don't will any unnatural color into existence or you may regret it.


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