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  • Game: Crea
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Crea v0.10.5 (Size: 70.24 MB)
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Furthering the emerging sandbox genre, Crea features combat and crafting in randomly generated, fantasy-style worlds for you to explore, tear apart and build back up. Crea differentiates itself in many ways such as RPG-style character progression, several unique systems, extensive mod support and a charming art style.

Current Features

Everything is still a work in progress and subject to change.

Character Progression: Level up your character by vanquishing monsters.
Talents and Skills: Grow and learn over 50 skills by performing related actions for any of your talents - Arms, Arcane, Divine, Craft, and Gather.
Unique Monsters: Crea is populated with original creatures each with unique attacks.
Challenging Bosses: Encounter powerful beings that will test your skills.
Conflict System: Monsters will spread throughout the world, growing in strength and numbers if left alone.
Equipment Upgrading: Find and equip your character with randomly generated gear and then upgrade it how you want.
Research and Crafting: Research numerous materials to learn over 200 item recipes for crafting.
NPCs: Help bring to life several NPCs that will prove themselves invaluable.
Exploration: Traverse procedurally generated worlds that are brimming with life.
Quick Travel: Activate Way Crystals spread through the world to quickly travel about.

Realms: Explore beyond the world by gaining access to other realms.
Maps: Discover what the world has to offer and expand your cartography skills with the help of the Cartographer NPC.
Exploratory Storytelling: Uncover the mysteries of Crea and its deep mythos through the environment and item descriptions.
Mod Support: Built from the ground up to have extensive mod support. Nearly everything is possible through the power of Python.
Cross-Platform Multiplayer: Play with your friends regardless of what system they’re on.
Free Content Updates: Continued free updates even after release.


The issue with the game crashing when attempting to enter realms should mostly be fixed. This includes worlds becoming corrupted. This was a particularly challenging issue that ended up coming from old code and the way that Horde Realms work. If you're world is still crashing then that likely means it is simply corrupt and you'll need to create a new world. Sorry!
The ore that spawns when defeating both bosses is now spread correctly.


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Does not saves world, devs fault
Blame devs, not me. Go rant on the game's forums.