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Daum PotPlayer 1.6.54871 Stable (Size: 176.84 MB)
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 PotPlayer_v1.6.54871_Ru_x64.exe20.91 MB
 PotPlayer_v1.6.54871_Ru_x86.exe20.81 MB
 Black Onix 0.1.3.demo.dsf521.73 KB
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 Gom2013_0.1.dsf548.08 KB
 KMP_1.0.6.dsf126.41 KB
 KMPNew2.dsf507.4 KB
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Software name: Daum Retrieving
Program version: 1.6.54871
Address official site: Daum Communications
Interface language: Russian, English and other
Treatment: not required
System requirements:

CPU: Intel, AMD (kernel 2 from 1600 MHz)
Video: nVidia 8xxx and above, ATI/AMD HDxxxx (for hardware HD video processing)

Daum is retrieving the media player from one of the authors of the popular player KMPlayer, has virtually all of its functions, and a similar interface. Distinctive features of the player are high quality playback, support for all modern video and audio file formats and video codecs built-in DXVA. Daum Retrieving has a modern design, easy to set up, has the ability to assign and change hotkeys, record playing sound file, connect the DSP plugins include visualization when playing audio files, change skins (skins). The player has a large number of tweaks that can significantly improve the video quality.

Main functions and features:
High quality reproduction as videos and audio.
Support for all modern video and audio formats.
Supports all types of subtitles, effects in subtitles.
The player has all the necessary codecs for playing audio and video.
Supported 32-64-bit operating systems.
Playing unfinished (broken) files.
The ability to turn off the computer at a specified time (after seeing the film, etc.)
The ability to watch videos via proxy.
Possibility to use a Web camera.
The ability to change the playback speed.
Changes the image scale. Using the Num 1, 2, 4 ... " and "Ctrl + Num 2, 4, 5 ..." You can change the scale and position the image to your liking.

Daum Retrieving 1.6.54871 Stable RePack (& Portable) by KpoJIuK

Type: installation unpacking the portable
Languages: Russian, english, multi
Extras: covers, icons, Import Settings.reg

Command line parameters:
Silent installation:/S/I
Unpacking the portable:/S/P
Site selection:/D = "path"
/D parameter = path should indicate the most recent
For example: PotPlayer.v1.6.54871.exe/S/I/D = C:MyProgram

Note! During the installation, on the first page of the installer will be prompted to change your browser's home page. Do not forget to uncheck.

Daum Retrieving Stable 1.6.54549 + Portable (x 86/x 64) by SamLab

Command line switches:
/S-silent install with the default settings, the installer

Shortcuts and interface language:
option: create a desktop shortcut/Shortcut-100000
option: create shortcut in quick launch/Shortcut-010000
option: create a shortcut in the start menu/Shortcut-001000
option: English version/Shortcut-000100
option: English version/Shortcut-000010
option: old icons/Shortcut-000001
Association with video:
/Video-0-not selected

Association with audio:
/Audio-0-not selected

Association with subtitles:
/Sub-0-not selected

Association with the play-lists:
/Lists-0-not selected

Autorun CD/DVD-ROM drive:
AutoPlay on DVD disks and disks with videos:
/AutoPlayVideo-0-not selected
Autorun on audio disks and c audio files:
/AutoPlayAudio-0-not selected

Import custom settings:
/ImpReg-import settings via the file PotPlayerMini.reg or PotPlayerMini64.reg (for 64-bit systems)
/ImpIni-import settings via the file PotPlayerMini.ini or PotPlayerMini64.ini (for 64-bit systems)
Only one key is used:/ImpReg or/ImpIni. If both keys will be used, then the import settings will not happen
The files PotPlayerMini.reg and PotPlayerMini.ini settings, must be located near an installation (installation) package
Previous settings are not lost and will be copied to the Backup folder, which is located in the working directory of the player

Silent install with associations in the video, subtitles, with shortcuts on the desktop and Start menu, autorun CD/DVD-ROM drive is enabled, the Russian language, old icons, import custom settings via the PotPlayerMini.ini file.
Default installation path: c: Program FilesDaumPotPlayer
The installation path with a limited account:: DaumPotPlayer

The Assembly was modified in comparison with the original:
all software changes the Retrieving
Russification of Kastaneda with my correction
redesigned the settings for the player
blocked unauthorized access into a network player
added play lists for tv and radio broadcasts
added fifteen selected Russian skins
added animated and standard logos
added additional shaders from JanWillem32
added decoders for playback of RealMedia

About Portable:
Requires no installation

Daum Retrieving 1.6.54871 Stable Portable by qazwsxe:

Retrieving v 1.6.54871 Ru (x) Stable
DXVA enabled
Russification of Kastaneda, with a small correction
Internet player itself does not climb
skins: Default, Classic, WinAMP Bento, XMP4, KMP (slightly modified)
added icons
added animated and non-animated logo
added codecs: On2 VP6, Lentoid
settings are saved in the file PotPlayerMini.ini. PotPlayerMini.ini is located near the startup file PotPlayerMini.exe.

Retrieving v 1.6.54871 Ru (x) Stable
DXVA enabled
Russification of Kastaneda, with a small correction
Internet player itself does not climb
skins: Default, Classic, WinAMP Bento, XMP4, KMP (slightly modified)
added icons
added animated and non-animated logo
added decoders: Lentoid
settings are saved in the file PotPlayerMini64.ini. PotPlayerMini64.ini is located near the startup file PotPlayerMini64.exe.

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