Deepak Chopra SynchroDestiny 8CDs 9.2hrs 1998

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Deepak Chopra SynchroDestiny 8CDs 9.2hrs 1998 (Size: 555.91 MB)
 1-15 Deepak Chopra - Expanding Your Range Of Perception.mp32.65 MB
 1-14 Deepak Chopra - The Hologram Of Human Concsiousness.mp35.56 MB
 1-13 Deepak Chopra - The Insights Of Modern Science.mp312.77 MB
 1-04 Deepak Chopra - Using Attention And Intention To Strengthen Your Power.mp31.8 MB
 1-05 Deepak Chopra - SynchroDestiny Or Mere Coincidence.mp34.85 MB
 1-03 Deepak Chopra - Understanding The Phenomenon Of Meaningful Coincidence.mp32.84 MB
 1-02 Deepak Chopra - The Two Symptoms Of Enlightenment.mp32.12 MB
 1-01 Deepak Chopra - Introduction.mp31.6 MB
 1-06 Deepak Chopra - An Analysis Of The Arguments Against Synchronicity.mp36.29 MB
 1-07 Deepak Chopra - Recognising The Miricles Around Us.mp34.63 MB
 2-04 Deepak Chopra - An exercise to become more aware of the silent witness.mp37.38 MB
 2-05 Deepak Chopra - Inner dialogue as a key to emotional well-being.mp34.68 MB
 2-03 Deepak Chopra - Three metaphors to illuminate the quantum world.mp35.1 MB
 2-02 Deepak Chopra - The seven attributes of the Conscious Energy Field.mp313.38 MB
 2-01 Deepak Chopra - Two different philosophical traditions : A materialist and a...7.9 MB
 2-06 Deepak Chopra - Two kinds of self-power.mp32.72 MB
 2-07 Deepak Chopra - Self-referral and object-referral.mp3764.3 KB
 2-11 Deepak Chopra - Acknowledging the spirit.mp31.56 MB
 2-12 Deepak Chopra - An exercise to nurture congruency among the four levelsof desire.mp311.86 MB
 2-10 Deepak Chopra - Tuning into the world.mp31.56 MB
 3-01 A Story Of Constrating Inner Dialogues.mp32.45 MB
 3-15 Untitled.mp310.12 MB
 3-14 Cultivating Intentions That Are Above Ego Needs.mp35.75 MB
 3-05 The Importance Of Constant Inner Vigilance.mp34.25 MB
 3-06 Ways To Control The Demands Of Your Ego.mp33.75 MB
 3-04 Eliminating Self-Importance.mp32.92 MB
 3-03 Carlos Castaneda's Four Qualities Of An Evolved Person.mp31.86 MB
 3-02 A Way To Effortlessly Foster Synchronicity.mp34.15 MB
 3-07 Protecting Your Inner Life From The Intentions Of Others.mp34.83 MB
 3-08 Developing Patience.mp32.87 MB
 4-04 The Real Difference Between Science And Magic.mp312.41 MB
 4-05 Why There Is No Order Of Difficulty In Miricles.mp32.5 MB
 4-03 The Placebo Effect In Relation To SynchroDestiny.mp36.27 MB
 4-02 How The Observer Influences The Outcome.mp32.71 MB
 4-01 Seeing Events As Magical_ Your Life Reflects Your Intention.mp36.47 MB
 4-06 Karma And Destiny.mp34.76 MB
 4-07 Discovering Your Dharma Or Purpose In Life.mp33.47 MB
 4-10 The Truth About Meditation.mp31.76 MB
 4-09 Experiencing The Healing Meditation_ Being Grateful, Letting Go Of Your Troubles, And...23.72 MB
 4-08 A Very Important Question To Ask.mp37.13 MB
 5-14 An Exercise To Understand Yourself And Others.mp37.27 MB
 5-09 The Mechanics Of Relating.mp33.34 MB
 5-10 Why There Are No Bad Relationships.mp32.26 MB
 5-08 Transformative Communication Skills.mp34.11 MB
 5-07 The Value Of Mystery.mp34.1 MB
 5-06 Becoming Sensitive To Others.mp33.33 MB
 5-11 Three Key Prnciples Of Relationships.mp31.68 MB
 5-12 How To Create Your Individual Identity.mp33.84 MB
 5-16 The Wisdom Of Falling In Love.mp37.03 MB
 5-15 Discovering Hidden Parts Of Yourself.mp32.97 MB
 6-05 Seven Steps To Processing Pain.mp34.05 MB
 6-06 An Exercise To Free Yourself From Emotional Turbulence.mp312.69 MB
 6-04 Preventing The Accumulation Of Pain.mp34.44 MB
 6-03 How To Influence The Cosmic Energy Fieldd.mp34.98 MB
 6-02 Two Mythological Metaphors.mp33.68 MB
 6-07 What Really Happens When You Get Angry.mp36.25 MB
 6-11 An Exercise To Get Rid Of Accumulated Anger.mp311.84 MB
 6-12 How Fear And Hope Coexist.mp33.98 MB
 6-13 A Technique To Create Balance At The Core Level Of Being.mp36.67 MB
 6-01 The Process Of Restoring Balance.mp31.9 MB
 7-01 The Difference Between Possibility And Probability.mp35.94 MB
 7-05 Using Messages You Get.mp32.63 MB
 7-06 An Exerc Ise To Recognise The Role Coincidenace Has Played In Your Life.mp39.9 MB
 7-07 The Intimate Relationship Between Interpretation, IntentionAnd The Material World.mp35.42 MB
 7-04 Giving Meaning To Events.mp39.92 MB
 7-03 Clues And Omens.mp32.94 MB
 7-08 What Happens When We Establish Our Being In The Cosmic Energy Field.mp35.22 MB
 7-09 How The I-Ching Is A Methapor For Life.mp36.5 MB
 7-13 Mythological Archetypes And Their Roles In Our Lives.mp35 MB
 7-14 An Assignment For Discovering Synchronicities.mp33.71 MB
 8-06 Making The Spiritual Quest Practical.mp32.96 MB
 8-07 Identifying With Mythical Figures.mp37.8 MB
 8-05 Seeing The Miraculous And Mythological Dimensions In Everyday Life.mp35.56 MB
 8-04 The Three Forms Of Genuine Estatic Experience.mp33.32 MB
 8-03 What Happens When Female Energies Become Overly Dominant.mp35.29 MB
 8-08 An Exercise To Invoke Male And Female Archetypes.mp36.22 MB
 8-09 Why Your Life Is Magical.mp35.89 MB
 8-13 Sacret Estasy_ Having A Direct Excperience Of Spirit.mp36.97 MB
 8-14 An Exercise To See Your Life As God Sees It.mp38.59 MB
 8-12 A Review Of The Seven Principles Of SynchroDestiny.mp35.87 MB
 SynchroDestiny Workbook.pdf246.64 KB
 SynchroDestiny.pdf159.62 KB
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Deepak Chopra SynchroDestiny 8CDs 9.2hrs 1998

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From time to time, we've all experienced coincidences that seem to be endowed with a special meaning or significance, and that appear to defy the laws of probability. For the most part, these coincidences seem amusing or insignificant. But a famous psychologist defined these moments of meaningful coincidence as "Synchronicity." A synchronicity is a coming together of seemingly unrelated events. Celebrated pioneer of alternative health, Dr. Deepak Chopra has created a mind-opening program that will change the way you perceive the world forever, SynchroDestiny: Discover the Power of Meaningful Coincidence to Manifest Abundance in Your Life. Once you master the principles of SynchroDestiny, you'll be able to use your newfound power to manifest abundance in every area of your life. Much like a powerful magnet, you will begin to attract material wealth, emotional well-being, spiritual fulfillment, and a deep awareness of your life's true meaning and purpose.

customer review: "This is by far the best Deepak Chopra has ever put out. This is a life altering series that changes your perceptions about the seemingly simple coincidences one finds in their daily life to the much more profound understanding of learning how to recognize the universes support and wielding it into the manifestation of our desires. This is extremely practical and simple to go through. I highly recommend it as one of the very best audio books available today. I wish to God I had seen this product 20 years ago. Chopra is amazing, he makes his argument simple, he is such an educated man. The material that he discusses are complex but he does an amazing job of breaking it down to make it simple to grasp and put to work immediately. I recommend this 100%, if you can buy it, get it now."

data: 8 discs, 9.2 hours, 128 Kbps, 44.1 kHz, stereo, mp3

Deepak Chopra / SynchroDestiny [Disc 1] to SynchroDestiny [Disc 8]

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