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Derren Brown The Experiments Assassin mkultra mind control

Can an average citizen be hypnotized into being an assassin?

In light of past events it seemed wrong not to bring this up. I just watched a show that totally blew my mind.

What I'm talking about is the Darren Brown "The Experiments" episodes, especially Episode 1 where he takes an average guy and through hypnosis moulds him into the perfect assassin. One that will be able to activate to a certain command, take out his target and forget about the entire incident as though it never happened. He even manages to put the guy in a "marksman" mode which makes him an expert marksman. Well, enough to stun the instructor.

Now imagine doing this to let's say ten million people with subliminal hypnosis embedded in modern music albums. Well, quite a potential for a future abuse, such as The Black Awakening, the rise of the satanic super-soldiers. Sounds like fiction, but it's REAL. Talk about the kingdom of the antichrist. Who is the antichrist? He's the master programmer, the meta-programmer, the programmer programming all other programmers in the Luciferian hierarchy.

Please note the big X in the eXperiments: As you know, "X" stands for Osiris or Lucifer. Did you know that there are 30 million generational satanists in the US alone? That's a nice pool of both handlers and monarch delta slaves.

But why is it so easy to get people hypnotized? Even Derren Brown is quite puzzled about this, after 20 years of practice! Maybe it is because people have already been pre-programmed by subliminals in music, or because they had to be obedient during their entire life, at first with their parents, then with their teachers, then with their employers, then in church and in the army, and then with the police and the government. And think of all those highly obedient protagonists and role models in Hollywood films, such as war movies with their obedient soldiers. Actually, there are very few mavericks and lone wolves in society left today. Most people are highly robotic without ever realizing it.

Anyone may be hypnotized, but obviously it is much easier to hypnotize people who have done nothing else than being obedient and subservient during their whole life. Surely obedience is the antithesis to freedom and individuality. For a while obedience may bring forth a smooth situation in your life, but eventually it has always ended up, and will always end up in some type of Nazi Germany situation. You know, "Hail Hitler" and such.


Derren Brown - Assassin with Audio Commentary Only.mp4
Derren Brown - The Experiments - The Assassin.mp4


Derren Brown Absolute Magic v2.pdf
Derren Brown Techniques.pdf
Derren Brown Absolute Magic.pdf
Derren Brown Tricks of the Mind, 2007.pdf
Derren Brown Pure Effect.pdf
Andy Pero - Project Superman.pdf
Pero Andy - Project Superman.pdf
Project Superman by Andy Pero.pdf

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