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Sometimes desktop of your PC is cluttered with lots of shortcuts. Right Click Shortcuts Creator tool of Right Click Enhancer Professional can solve this problem easily by allowing you to add most used application, folders and files shortcuts in right click menu of Dektop and Windows Explorer. It also lets you add sub menus in your right click menu to further organize the shortcuts. This way you can also open application while browsing for files. You can also add command line parameters to shortcuts. There is no drawback in performance of your PC or right click menu no matter how many sub menus and shortcuts you add to right click menu.


Time-saving right click tweaks


Once in a while in your daily PC usage you certainly miss some right click options that saves your time. Right Click Tweaker tool of Right Click Enhancer designed to add these useful functions. All the tweaks included in this tool can be added and removed with one click.

Right Click Tweaker can add functions that help you save 100 hours of work by enhancing the common tasks like copying or moving files, renaming files and many others.

Right Click Tweaker also includes many features, those are not available to users directly. It includes famous Windows 7 God Mode hack that brings all the customizable options of Windows 7 in one place. Some of these features are not visible in Control Panel directly. It also adds msconfig (System Configuration Tool) and Problem Steps Recorder to your right click menu. These two options are only available through run command that many users don't know.
There are tweaks that allows you to check integrity of downloaded files and compare files with one another. You can copy contents of file without opening it. There are other useful tweaks like this, just try it to believe it.

Edit right click context menu with ease : Video Tour

When you install new application on your PC some of them adds new options in your right click menu. While these entries provide quick way to use the application, not all users find it useful and some times these new options take so much space your right click menu appears out of your PC screen. Right Click Editor tool of this application allows you to remove or disable these types of unwanted right click menu options.

Copy files and folders with ease


Windows has very useful feature Send To Menu but it only useful when we want to copy things to flash drive otherwise without no tool to add new location to it, you will find it underused. Now take the advantage of this very useful feature with help of Send To Manager tool of this application. Send To Manager allows you to add new folder shortcut to your send to menu, so you can copy files to that location with one click.

You can also speed-up your copying or moving process with Right Click Tweaker's Copy to folder and Move to folder tweaks. When you select one of these options from right click menu it provides you with window where you can select location where you want to copy or move files, so you don't have to go to location to paste the file.

Edit right click new menu with ease


In Windows, whenever you right-click on Desktop or in Windows Explorer, you get "New" menu which allows you to create new folder, new shortcut and new files using various known file types. It helps you in creating new files, folders and shortcuts easily and quickly.

Sometimes you may want to remove a few unneeded items from "New" menu to reduce its size or you may want to add a few new items to "New" menu such as new file types. New Menu Editor is a tool designed to do this job. You can even add file types with default content so you can create new files with easily with default content.

For example, you have specific bill receipt template for your store in excel file. You can add this template to new menu using this tool. Now after you done that whenever you create new excel file using new menu that new file always contains the default receipt format.

Edit your file associations with ease

Although Windows provides way to change file associations, you can't edit the file icon, description of files and many other aspects of file associations using the default Windows tool. File Types Editor allows you to do all this and lets you take full control of file associations.

You can also add new functions to right click menu of any file type using this tool. You can also edit existing right click menu entries of any file types using this tool.

Export anything to registry file

You can export all the changes you done using Right Click Enhancer Professional to registry file so you can use that file on other PC and make the same changes on that PC without installing the application.

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