Hitman Absolution RePack

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Hitman Absolution RePack (Size: 9.93 GB)
  setup-1.bin 5.33 GB
  setup-3.bin 4.5 GB
  setup-2.bin 88.79 MB
  setup.exe 1.16 MB
  autorun.inf 25 bytes


Year: November 20, 2012
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 3rd Person / Stealth
Developer: IO Interactive
Publisher: Square Enix
Publisher in Russia: New Disc
Platform: PC
Language: English / Russian
Sound language: English / Russian
Publication Type: RePack
Tablet: enclosing (SKIDROW)
System requirements:
√ System: Microsoft Windows Vista / Seven (XP is not supported)
√ Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 Ghz
√ Memory: 2 Gb
√ Video Card: 512 Mb, Shader Model 4.0, c support for DirectX 10.0c
√ Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX 10.0c
√ Hard disk: 10 Gb
HITMAN: Absolution follows cold-blooded assassin Agent 47™ as he takes on his most dangerous and personal contract to date.
Betrayed by those he once trusted and hunted by the police, Agent 47 finds himself caught in the center of a dark conspiracy and propelled through a corrupt and twisted world.
Donning the suit of this legendary assassin, you become a deadly marksman with the ability to blend into plain sight, kill with your bare hands, and fashion weapons from almost anything.
Take on the role of Agent 47 and his many extraordinary talents, then ask: what kind of Hitman are you?
Blend In: Impersonate your victims and hide in plain site. A huge variety of disguises offer you deep strategies, new options, and the element of surprise.
Improvised Weapons: Turn everyday items into instruments of death. Unique weapons can be found anywhere, meaning exploration can pay off in amazing ways.
Instincts Mode: See the world through the eyes of the ultimate assassin. Predict enemy patrols, identify escape routes, temporarily enhance your disguise – and focus your “Point-Shooting” abilities to unleash a barrage of insanely accurate shots.
Choice: Approach every level in your own unique style: Silent Assassins, you can prey from the shadows and never leave a trace. Action Junkies, go in guns-blazing through the well-guarded front door. Undetectable or unrelenting, what kind of Hitman are you?
Features Repack
Do not cut / Do not recoded
DLC: "Agency Gun Pack"
Game version: 1.0.433.1
RePacked by Audioslave

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9.93 GB
Hitman Absolution RePack


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Top Comments

pirateprofile498 • 25 Nov 2012, 04:44
torrent downloaded
OK so for those who are having issues regarding the English Language Problem which give us an error "Read error. please
verify your game cache" it is cause by lack of Files uploaded, especially in the folder runtime/common/pc.layoutconfig. I
check every singe file and as for me I found 43 files which are not included in this torrent. What i did is:
1. Ofcourse download this repack
2. Install the game (any Language Russian or English)
3. Then Download this torrent -> /hitman-absolution-professional-edition-sc-t6832687.html (I know it is 24GB
size, just let me finish my tutorial)
4. When you downloaded a torrent file it will store to a certain location in your PC so stop the download and go to that
5. Copy everything from the installation directory of this repack (it is usually located at "C:GamesHitman Absolution")
and paste it to the location of your new downloaded torrent, then start the download utorrent will checked every single
file and download all the missing files of this repack it also includes DLC (it will only download all missing files so if
you think you have to download 24gb you are wrong so don't worry)
6. After downloading all necessary files download the crack from here /hitman-absolution-crack-only-skidrow-
t6838262.html and paste it to the new Hitman Absolution folder
7. Click HMA.exe and your good to go!
PS: You have to update your graphics card to the latest version (beta) check it here -> http://www.geforce.com/
I hope it helps because that is the way I solved this problem.
If any one has question PM me or Comment here so I can help you. Cheers! biggrin
hamza97415 • 28 Nov 2012, 19:27
torrent downloaded
iam happy to announce that this game works fine for me in english language after following pirate profile steps thank you for the heads up pirate profile and gamerman :)
Devin6404827 • 05 Jun 2013, 09:48
torrent downloaded
I figured it all out.
For crashing at startup and crashing at choosing difficulty.
1. Download and install this torrent.
2. Download and install steam. (It must be present when game starts)
3. For the startup crash, use this.
Torrent: Hitman Absolution Startup Crash Fix -jKlarkHitman Absolution Startup Crash Fix -jKlark
Dec 4, 2012 in Games > PC.  212.02 KB20F6DED0E2972D5B13669CAC628BF8F95D09D8384  05/10
4. For crashing when starting a new game (After choosing the difficulty) use this.
Torrent: Hitman Absolution English FilesHitman Absolution English Files
Nov 25, 2012 in Games > PC.  Verified.  478 MB0661C0932B62515403520615F91EA7DDA77D5BBB38  18/10
With those to fixes this rapeck works for me.
(Steam must be present)
Uploads are not mine. I'm using windows 8 32bit


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please, leave only comments related to that torrent
anonymous • 19 May 2014, 04:29
I've played this two, maybe three times now. Is there any way to download Contracts?
anonymous • 15 May 2014, 02:35
I did everything as pirate profile told but the game still wont start.Please help
ZAKTECH9016 • 05 February 2014, 20:43
is this full game ? so i can install in 10GB space ?
ANWRambo116 • 04 February 2014, 15:57
Warning: This game will register as a copy right infringement with your internet service provider.
Download at your own risk!
anonymous • 21 December 2013, 17:39
i need SREP data
kunal_vesavkar28 • 07 October 2013, 07:52
torrent downloaded
hi pirate u given for crack link but this link is not available give me altertnate link
anonymous • 11 September 2013, 03:20
Wow i just do this and game work without read error or crash on startup. FOLLOW THIS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 1.Download this torrent and install 2.install steam 3.now Download this torrent -> /hitman-absolution-professional-edition-sc-t6832687.html dont scared u dont need to download full game only 1.10GB 4. After downloading all necessary files download the crack from here http://kat.unlocktorrent.com/hitman-absolution-crack-only-skidrow-t6838262.html and paste it to the new Hitman Absolution folder 5. Click HMA.exe and your good to go!
anonymous • 27 September 2013, 04:22
which files are need to be downloaded on professional edition torrent.plzzz tell me
Onethefool184 • 09 September 2013, 08:17
If you have sound problems,you cant run the game in in english, just download this Torrent:
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