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 1-01 Groove Machine.mp39.57 MB
 1-02 Dogman.mp39.92 MB
 1-03 Believe.mp315.27 MB
 1-04 Little Bit Of Soul.mp311 MB
 1-05 Complain.mp37.5 MB
 1-06 Over My Head.mp318.93 MB
 1-07 Manic Depression.mp312.92 MB
 1-08 Black Like Sunday.mp38.43 MB
 1-09 Finished.mp39.23 MB
 1-10 Screamer.mp310.32 MB
 1-11 Johnny.mp319.14 MB
 2-01 The Difference.mp38.85 MB
 2-02 (Thinking and wondering) What I'm Gonna Do.mp39.4 MB
 2-03 Mr. Evil.mp39.57 MB
 2-04 Mississippi Moon.mp38.55 MB
 2-05 Goldilox.mp311.54 MB
 2-06 Everybody Knows A Little Bit.mp39.75 MB
 2-07 A Box.mp39.39 MB
 2-08 Talk To You.mp311.09 MB
 2-09 Visions.mp313.88 MB
 2-10 Cigarettes.mp319.38 MB
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Kings X Live All Over The Place 2004(mp3 320kbs)ICM369


It's about time that King's X issued a live CD.

This is something I have been wanting for years.

Having seen these guys in concert a few times, they are a band to

be reckoned with live.

They are heavy as a freight train, yet they still retain that killer

soul that their studio records have.

Well that same vibe has been captured here on this 2-CD

Instead of just releasing one show from their recent tour, they

compiled this show from soundboard recordings throughout the years.

However, they have put it together using some studio wizardry that

makes is sound as if it were one complete show.

As usual Doug does a lot of preaching during the songs, in the middle

of Believe for instance, Doug goes off into a rant about believing in

oneself instead of believing in any god. Hmmmm, a bit different message

from the one he preached in the early days.

Also the band doesn't always stick strictly to the way the songs were

played on the album.

Doug takes some liberties in the lyrics. In Dogman for instance, he

adlibs the words I like 'em I like 'em fat and I like 'em from a bong."

Once again, a bit disappointing to hear one of my favorite artists

promoting drug use. However, for the most part this CD is not disappointing.

Live All Over the Place can basically be split up into three section,

starting off electric, going into an acoustic set in the middle, and then

wrapping things up with a return to maiximum amplification.

Whether it be electric or acoustic, the music contained herein is pure

brilliance, in my not so humble opinion. King's X live simply annihilate.

The extended version of Over My Head is awesome, as is the smokin' version

of Moan Jam and Johnny.

I must also add that this disc sounds live, in other words it doesn't sound

like the band spent hours in the studio overdubbing their parts, but rather

this is a genuine in front of an audience" performance. Quite nice!

This double album set of the Texan trio collates live performances

from over the years.

Live songs incorporate everything from Visions on the first album,

to Black Like Sunday on their latest studio effort.

They themselves admit that these recordings are warts and all,

with no studio overdubs, and the rawness of the songs is all the

better for it.

There are extended jam sessions on some songs, with Doug Pinnick

going into Preacher on others - if you've seen King's X live,

you'll know what I mean !

Especially appreciated is a six song acoustic only set at the

start of the second CD, which allows all three vocal talents to

come more to the fore .

There are some patchy moment, especially if, like me, you prefer

their earlier albums, but this is an album that can be enjoyed



CD 1

1. Groove Machine (4:10)

2. Dogman (4:19)

3. Believe (6:40)

4. Little Bit of Soul (4:48)

5. Complain (3:16)

6. Over My Head (8:16)

7. Manic Depression (5:38)

8. Black Like Sunday (3:40)

9. Finished (4:01)

10. Screamer (4:30)

11. Johnny (8:21)

CD 2

1. The Difference [Acoustic] (3:51)

2. (Thinking and Wondering) What I'm Gonna Do [Acoustic] (4:06)

3. Mr. Evil [Acoustic] (4:10)

4. Mississippi Moon [Acoustic] (3:44)

5. Goldilox [Acoustic] (5:02)

6. Everybody Knows a Little Bit [Acoustic] (4:15)

7. Box [Acoustic] (4:06)

8. Talk to You (4:50)

9. Visions (6:03)

10. Cigarettes (8:28)

11. Summerland (3:47)

12. We Were Born to Be Loved (5:49)

13. Moan Jam (11:18)

14. Over My Head [Acoustic] (5:25)


Format : MPEG Audio

File size : 9.57 MiB

Duration : 4mn 10s

Overall bit rate : 320 Kbps

Writing library : LAME3.96r


Format : MPEG Audio

Format version : Version 1

Format profile : Layer 3

Mode : Joint stereo

Mode extension : MS Stereo

Duration : 4mn 10s

Bit rate mode : Constant

Bit rate : 320 Kbps

Channel(s) : 2 channels

Sampling rate : 44.1 KHz

Stream size : 9.56 MiB (100%)

Writing library : LAME3.96r

Encoding settings : -m j -V 4 -q 2 -lowpass 20.5





Shout out to all at 1337x


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