Led Zeppelin - "Arigatou Osaka" Osaka Japan September 29th 1971 flac

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Led Zeppelin - "Arigatou Osaka" Osaka Japan September 29th 1971 flac (Size: 1.03 GB)
 CD1T1 - Audience Cheer.flac25.18 MB
 CD1T2 - Immigrant Song.flac27.11 MB
 CD1T3 - Heartbreaker.flac51.31 MB
 CD1T4 - Since I've Been Loving You.flac47.09 MB
 CD1T5 - Black Dog.flac40.28 MB
 CD1T6 - Dazed And Confused.flac164.78 MB
 CD2T1 - Stairway To Heaven.flac54.08 MB
 CD2T2 - Celebration Day.flac33.33 MB
 CD2T3 - That's The Way.flac41.51 MB
 CD2T4 - Going To California.flac52.28 MB
 1971.09.29 Festival Hall Osaka Japan (Remaster).ffp1.24 KB
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Led Zeppelin - "Arigatou Osaka" Osaka Japan September 29th 1971 flac


Led Zeppelin

September 29th, 1971

Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan

Complete Show - 198min 15sec

Title: Arigatou Osaka


Main - (Stage/SBD)

1.Various Vinyl sources from trades

2.(From Trade Labeled "Best ever") 2ndGen Tape source.

Patching (AUD)

3.(Labeled as AUD source 1)3rd gen (2 x TDK SA 90 & 60 cassette)>CDR(3)>FLAC>CDR

4.(Labeled as Source 3) Master>DAT>CDr


CD1T1 - Audience Cheer

CD1T2 - Immigrant Song

CD1T3 - Heartbreaker

CD1T4 - Since I've Been Loving You

CD1T5 - Black Dog

CD1T6 - Dazed And Confused

CD2T1 - Stairway To Heaven

CD2T2 - Celebration Day

CD2T3 - That's The Way

CD2T4 - Going To California

CD2T5 - Tangerine

CD2T6 - Friends

CD2T7 - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

CD2T8 - What Is And What Should Never Be

CD2T9 - Moby Dick

CD3T1 - Whole Lotta Love

CD3T2 - Communication Breakdown

CD3T3 - Organ Solo

CD3T4 - Thank You

CD3T5 - Rock and Roll

Remaster Notes: Hardest show I ever worked on. Used the best possible audio for each song.

Each of the Stage/SBD sources ran at different Sound/Pitch/Speed. It was like putting a jigsaw puzzle together, a BIG THANK YOU to Blackmikito, He really helped me get it right!

Sound: This is more of a Restoration than a Remaster, So I decided to try and give each source tonal balance and clarity.

It seemed the less I did the better it sounded. If your looking for a beefed up in your face version this isn't it, I would recommend Wendy's Fatally Wanderer instead.

Also would like to thank Pernod for his help early on.

So.. Is it Perfect? NOPE. But its the best I could do.

Remastering is just a hobby. Download and Enjoy or Pass on it. The choice is yours. This version is never meant to be definitive.

Please DO NOT Sell.

*Artwork is included

Winston Remasters - 2015


The last show of the 1971 Japan tour is a tour de force! The energy and virtuosity are unbelievable, and Robert's voice is amazing, sustaining all of his high range notes and going low ... a most commanding vocal performance. "We spent two weeks in wonderful, glorious Japan which has been incredible. Great hotels, great bars, great people and without giving you any bullshit, this is our last night in Japan and we're gonna have a good time and I think you will!" said Plant during the show. Dazed And Confused is very long and includes some great jams in the middle, including Pennies From Heaven! Stairway To Heaven has a great solo from Jimmy, Celebration Day is fast and furious and this may be the best acoustic set I have ever heard! That's The Way, Going To California, and Tangerine all have amazing improvs within them, especially from Jones on the mandolin. Friends has its only live premier here too! Moby Dick is inventive and neat and Whole Lotta Love features some obscure and great references, and Robert is a joy to listen to. The encores are wonderful too, including a throat-tearing rendition of Rock And Roll (still untitled).

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Led Zeppelin - "Arigatou Osaka" Osaka Japan September 29th 1971 flac