Led Zeppelin - Fillmore West, San Francisco, Ca April 27th 1969 flac

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Led Zeppelin - Fillmore West, San Francisco, Ca April 27th 1969 flac (Size: 531.34 MB)
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Led Zeppelin - Fillmore West, San Francisco, Ca April 27th 1969 flac

Cleaning the waters with source material!

Led Zeppelin

April 27, 1969

Fillmore West

San Francisco, CA

Source: Soundboard Analog Reel To Reel

Lineage: Reel To Reel Master>DAT(16 bit/44.1kHz)>DAT(16 bit/44.1kHz)>DAT(16 bit/44.1kHz)>

DAT(16 bit/44.1kHz)>CDR>WAV(16 bit/44.1kHz)>FLAC(16 bit/44.1kHz)

Mastering Information: CDRs ripped to WAV with Exact Audio Copy. Wave files joined with

Goldwave for re-tracking purposes. Individual Wave tracks created in CD Wave Editor. Wave

files converted to FLAC (level 8) using FLAC Frontend.

I have listed below the tracks broken out into what I think would be a correct split to

span the show over two 74 or 80 minute CDRs, as the naming convention of the FLAC files

suggest. Note that the last track on Disc 1 and the first track on Disc 2 can be joined

together without a loss of continuity.

Running Time: 112:39

DISC 1: 58:50

1. Train Kept A Rollin' (cuts in)

2. I Can't Quit You Baby

3. As Long As I Have You Medley [including Fresh Garbage,

Shake, Cat's Squirrel, I'm A Man, No Money Down]

4. You Shook Me

5. How Many More Times (end cut)

DISC 2: 53:49

1. Killing Floor (slight cuts)

2. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

3. Sittin' Here Thinkin'

4. Pat's Delight (middle cut)

5. Dazed And Confused (slight cuts)

6. Communication Breakdown

Notes: Additional Show Information @ http://ledzeppelin.com/show/april-27-1969

White Summer/Black Mountain Side was played, but not captured on the master reel.

Original transfer from analog reel to DAT was done circa 1990. This conversion

to FLAC was done in January 2008.

Please do not manipulate this recording in any way. Please do not dub to analog tape

or convert to MP3 (or any other lossy format) and circulate.

If you are to trade this show, or do a blank CDR+postage offer, please list the lineage

to keep the generational waters clean!

If you would like to re-seed this torrent in the future, please use the exact files contained

in the torrent with no file manipulation. This will insure that the FLAC fingerprints

and MD5 hashes verify, keeping the integrity of the torrent intact.

"A Spider-Web Torrent"

Comments: This show is just blistering. The first set has the group firing on all cylinders and playing their hearts out. The second set is more bluesy and laid back, but that never means less enjoyable. The only live version of Sittin' and Thinkin', a Buddy Guy number, is here and the completely different song list for each set make this a great show to have. Dazed And Confused is really dark here. The group's excitement to be so anticipated by Californian audience found their way in Plant ad-libbed lyrics of I Can't Quit You Baby: "I'm so glad you came tonight ... but I think we're gonna leave this town for a little while ... I don't want to leave you people ... but I think we've got to leave San Francisco for a little while". Also some member of the audience is calling for You Shook Me, what makes a quick and quite funny response from Plant: "Right! Don't worry by that! Just one before that!"

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