Led Zeppelin - "Rock Super Stars" Fort Worth, Texas March 3rd 1975 flac

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Led Zeppelin - "Rock Super Stars" Fort Worth, Texas March 3rd 1975 flac (Size: 1.04 GB)
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 101 Rock and Roll.flac25.68 MB
 102 Sick Again.flac41.23 MB
 103 Over The Hills And Far Away.flac50.97 MB
 104 In My time of Dying.flac82.19 MB
 105 The Song Remains the Same.flac36.08 MB
 106 The Rain Song.flac49.35 MB
 107 Kashmir.flac56.29 MB
 201 no quarter.flac145.36 MB
 202 Trampled Underfoot.flac55.61 MB
 203 moby dick.flac139.24 MB
 301 Dazed And Confused.flac213.26 MB
 302 Stairway To Heaven.flac77.91 MB
 303 Whole Lotta Love.flac46.2 MB
 304 Black Dog.flac42.81 MB


Led Zeppelin - "Rock Super Stars" Fort Worth, Texas March 3rd 1975 flac


Led Zeppelin 1975-03-03 EVSD soundboard

Fort Worth, Texas

Tarrant County Convention Center

Source: Almost complete excellent soundboard recording. 172 minutes.

Details: The recording is a very good balanced professional board tape.

lineage - silvers > EAC wav > TLH flac 8

101 rock and roll

102 sick again

103 over the hills and far away

104 in my time of dying

105 the song remains the same

106 the rain song

107 kashmir

201 no quarter

202 trampled underfoot

203 moby dick

301 dazed and confused

302 stairway to heaven

303 whole lotta love

304 black dog

Comments: The recording is a nice clear, punchy soundboard that starts with a tad of

slight overload on the lower frequencies but by midway through Rock And Roll the mix

is near perfect and it seems to have improved. Plant’s voice definitely starts off

sounding weak but he learns to control it as the show progresses and will use it to

his advantage. Page sounds good in Over The Hills. His delicate intro is very nice

and the solo, being more relaxed and experimental, pays off in this version. In My

Time Of Dying gives Plant a bit of a break and he can get into the vocal comfortably

without having to reach for the stratosphere. Someone misses a cue but they rectify

the issue quickly and avoid any type of catastrophe. Jones sounds amazing under Page’s

slide soloing. The Song Remains The Same continues with the band sounding very

aggressive with Bonham at the forefront. Plant is careful with his voice by the end

but The Rain Song will give him another break and is a nice contrast that follows.

No Quarter is awesome, especially hearing it in this quality. Jones is obviously the

star and his fingers sounds as “mysterious” as Robert describes him. Page creeps in

for the solo and offers some nice fluidness in his playing, a really nice version that

needs to be heard. The 32 minute Dazed And Confused contains the “Stardust” lyrics and

is a good solid version of their experimental masterpiece. Plant even says “speaking of

journeys, that was some journey” after and talks about building up good vibes before a

beautiful performance of Stairway To Heaven.

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