Led Zeppelin - "The Garden Tapes Volume Two" MSG, NY July 28th 1973 SBD-AUD flac

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Led Zeppelin - "The Garden Tapes Volume Two" MSG, NY July 28th 1973 SBD-AUD flac (Size: 1.03 GB)
 1973-07-28 D1T1 Rock and Roll.flac36.01 MB
 1973-07-28 D1T2 Celebration Day.flac25.21 MB
 1973-07-28 D1T3 Black Dog.flac43.51 MB
 1973-07-28 D1T4 Over The Hills And Far Away.flac46.91 MB
 1973-07-28 D1T5 Misty Mountain Hop.flac35.02 MB
 1973-07-28 D1T6 Since Ive Been Loving You.flac59.29 MB
 1973-07-28 D1T7 No Quarter.flac85.5 MB
 1973-07-28 D1T8 Song Remains the Same.flac43.55 MB
 1973-07-28 D1T9 Rain Song.flac55.25 MB
 1973-07-28 D2T1 Dazed And Confused.flac209.01 MB
 1973-07-28 D2T2 Stairway To Heaven.flac71.99 MB
 1973-07-28 D2T3 Moby Dick.flac164.91 MB
 1973-07-28 D3T1 Heartbreaker.flac48.55 MB
 1973-07-28 D3T2 Whole Lotta Love.flac100.73 MB
 1973-07-28 D3T3 The Ocean.flac27.24 MB
 1973-07-28 FLAC fingerprints.txt1.04 KB
 1973.07.28 NY Garden Tapes Vol 2.md51.19 KB
 garden_tapes2_f[1].jpg87.35 KB
 garden_tapes2_r[1].jpg96.64 KB
 LZ1973-7-28 Garden Tapes Vol 2.txt2.95 KB


Led Zeppelin - "The Garden Tapes Volume Two" MSG, NY July 28th 1973 flac


Led Zeppelin

Madison Square Garden

New York NY

July 28, 1973


Eddie Edwards

It Doesn't Get Any Cooler (The Garden Tapes part II)

SBD Source - 1st->DAT->CDR

AUD SOurce - 4th->DAT->CDR

Show lineage CDRs(from Eddie)>EAC>FLAC

I want to thank my friend Eddie Edwards for allowing

me to seed this fine show that he put together.

Eddie's releases are always from the best sources available.

They always run at the correct speed, perferct source splices,

proper leveling and are error free.

The sound is unaltered.

Ive been told EVSD used this source for "Effect is Shattering"

If you want the unaltered and IMHO the best version, download this.

CD 1

1. Rock And Roll

2. Celebration Day

3. Black Dog

4. Over The Hills And Far Away

5. Misty Mountain Hop

6. Since I've Been Loving You

7. No Quarter

8. The Song Remains the Same

9. The Rain Song

CD 2

1. Dazed And Confused

2. Stairway To Heaven

3. Moby Dick

CD 3

1. Heartbreaker

2. Whole Lotta Love (medley)

3. The Ocean*

*The cuts in The Ocean could not be fixed as the audience recording does not include this song.

Flac Fingerprints

1973-07-28 D1T1 Rock and Roll.flac:75c8a742f9debb963497edeb6785dc61

1973-07-28 D1T2 Celebration Day.flac:6a58e6c409dc22fd10365d1e9d80e1ba

1973-07-28 D1T3 Black Dog.flac:8e654226e7926b85690cf259c06f0f3e

1973-07-28 D1T4 Over The Hills And Far Away.flac:9a3b766b15ca41585c1f635c1a6b89d9

1973-07-28 D1T5 Misty Mountain Hop.flac:8ec95e77a1d341f44cb613747126a8e6

1973-07-28 D1T6 Since Ive Been Loving You.flac:f48dbb09f9604502f496218d0874c97a

1973-07-28 D1T7 No Quarter.flac:88c818c4292626f3d7c4d3f6ce6a4597

1973-07-28 D1T8 Song Remains the Same.flac:6d4be58fdede7fe6d1d1caed5c14c2d7

1973-07-28 D1T9 Rain Song.flac:5bb553a4ba7b2771821d41222f46b51b

1973-07-28 D2T1 Dazed And Confused.flac:a1eb79859994ed7f3dbf2b184ef914c1

1973-07-28 D2T2 Stairway To Heaven.flac:f113b38178eefda2c0693b425fdd302f

1973-07-28 D2T3 Moby Dick.flac:4ce364ea0f0a942a85d6404460fcc859

1973-07-28 D3T1 Heartbreaker.flac:746a5e6051887267f4d36a1bef2db9a9

1973-07-28 D3T2 Whole Lotta Love.flac:2093be1edbfdea99fa950fd2599fb050

1973-07-28 D3T3 The Ocean.flac:96af036925e448c1de6d7d02198581b6

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The second show of the three night stand and the second to last of the 1973 tour,

this is a very good, although somewhat loose show. Robert's voice alternates between

being very strong and creaking a bit but it is surprisingly strong in Since I've

Been Loving You and Stairway To Heaven. The band is playing very well, in a loose

and exciting Dazed And Confused. Moby Dick is extremely long yet somewhat exciting

and the last three numbers rock hard! But there's something really special with this

gig - some serious excerpts are used on official movie and soundtrack; just listen to

the middle section of No Quarter, Dazed And Confused and Bonham's drum solo ... fantastic!

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