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Magick Sorcery Occult Esoteric Hermetics ebooks archive 2015.02.05 (Size: 1.52 GB)
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 Laura Yardley - Heart of Huna, OCR.pdf6.14 MB
 Laura Yardley - Heart of Huna.pdf7.01 MB
 Ouspensky P D - A NEW MODEL of the UNIVERSE.pdf5.04 MB
 Ouspensky P D - A record of some of the meetings held between 1930 and 1947.pdf4 MB
 Gurdjieff G I - Life is real only then, when I am.pdf1.17 MB
 Ouspensky P D - In Search of the Miraculous.pdf3.69 MB
 Gurdjieff G I - Meetings with Remarkable Men.pdf2.17 MB
 Gurdjieff G I - The Struggle of Magicians.pdf2.94 MB
 Ouspensky P D - TALKS WITH A DEVIL.pdf963.19 KB
 Ouspensky P D - THE SYMBOLISM OF THE TAROT.pdf1.72 MB
 Karl Spiesberger - Runenmagie.pdf2.74 MB
 Liber Null and Psychonaut by Peter J Carroll.pdf793.28 KB
 Michael A Aquino - Black Magic.pdf1.1 MB
 The Private Diary of Dr John Dee.pdf3.22 MB
 Denise Alvarado The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook.pdf2.93 MB
 Secrets of Voodoo by Milo Rigaud.pdf18.4 MB
 Voodoo Sorceru Grimoire by Brujo Negro, 2000.pdf12.39 MB
 The Osha by Obba Bi.pdf42.42 MB
 The Secrets of Afro-Cuban Divination.pdf37.48 MB
 Santeria The Religion by Migene Gonzalez-Wippler.pdf37.42 MB
 Santeria and the Orisha of the Crossroads by Baba Raul Canizares.pdf3.24 MB
 Magic from Mexico by Mary Devine, PhD.pdf17.55 MB
 The Secrets of the Nganga.pdf9.86 MB
 Palo Kimbiza.pdf6.51 MB
 Palo Mayombe.pdf8.45 MB
 Libreta de Nso de Patipembas.pdf2.82 MB
 The Book on Palo.pdf6.96 MB
 Secrets of Voodoo by Milo Rigaud.pdf18.4 MB
 Voodoo Sorceru Grimoire by Brujo Negro, 2000.pdf12.39 MB
 Edmund Shaftesbury - Universal Magnetism and Magnetic Control of Others.pdf47.1 MB
 Edmund Shaftesbury - Lessons in the Mechanics of Personal Magnetism.pdf3.5 MB
 Edmund Shaftesbury - Universal Magnetism, 1852-1926.pdf2.3 MB
 Green Field Allen - The Roots of Modern Magick, 1700 Thru 2000.pdf45.24 MB
 Danaos Kosta - Nei Kung, The Secret Teachings of the Warrior Sages.pdf3.52 MB
 Emma Hardinge Britten - Ghost Land.pdf1.42 MB
 Emma Hardinge Britten - Art Magic.pdf3.65 MB
 Blavatsky - Isis Unveiled.pdf11.02 MB
 Agrippa.pdf6.91 MB
 Agrippa - The Philosophy of Natural Magic.pdf2.66 MB
 Raymond Holder The Antichrist Training Manual OCR.pdf15.85 MB
 Raymond Holder TEPAPHONE.pdf31.44 KB
 Raymond Holder The Antichrist Training Manual, ed-4.pdf271.8 KB
 Raymond Holder The Antichrist Training Manual.pdf57.71 MB
 Western Sex Magic by Frater U D.pdf46.81 MB
 Three Initiates The Kybalion.pdf490.18 KB
 The Kybalion by Three Initiates.pdf389.7 KB
 The Book of Abramelin, Abraham von Worms.pdf85.83 MB
 The Adonis Tables, Kabbalah, Translated Pages 1-93.pdf59.37 MB
 Book Of Magic.pdf812.98 KB
 Newcomb The New Hermetics, 21st Century Magick for Illumination and Power.pdf33.09 MB
 Dieter Rüggeberg - Secret Politics.pdf1.9 MB
 James Bulls - Hermetic Reiki, 2nd ed.pdf815.8 KB
 Joy of Satan Ministries - 6 Month Spiritual Warfare Training Program.pdf1.22 MB
 Aleister Crowley - Liber 777.pdf742.21 KB
 Aleister Crowley - Liber CCXVI.pdf422.42 KB
 Aleister Crowley - Magick In Theory And Practice.pdf876.48 KB
 Aleister Crowley - Magick Without Tears.pdf644.58 KB
 Aleister Crowley - Book of Thoth.pdf533.7 KB
 Aleister Crowley - Book 4 Part I, Mysticism.pdf190.49 KB
 Aleister Crowley - Book 4 Part II, Magick.pdf1.02 MB
 Aleister Crowley - Book 4 Part IV, The Law.pdf39.86 KB
 Aleister Crowley - Book Of Lies.pdf308.66 KB
 Aleister Crowley - Meditation.pdf489.69 KB
 Mantak Chia - Fusion of Eight Channels.pdf805.25 KB
 Mantak Chia - Iron Shirt Chi Kung I.pdf7.64 MB
 Mantak Chia - Dark Room.pdf1.2 MB
 Mantak Chia - Dark Room Enlightenment.pdf3.41 MB
 Mantak Chia - Cosmic Healing I.pdf2.56 MB
 Mantak Chia - Cosmic Healing II.pdf4.08 MB
 Max Heindel - Message of the Stars.pdf869.89 KB
 Mantak Chia - Cosmic Fusion.pdf4.23 MB
 Max Heindel - Teachings of an Initiate.pdf191.28 KB
 Max Heindel - Ancient and Modern Initiation.pdf208.3 KB
 C W Leadbeater - Occult Chemistry.pdf13.7 MB
 C W Leadbeater - Power and Use of Thought.pdf87.11 KB
 C W Leadbeater - Telepathy & Mind-Cure.pdf13.54 MB
 C W Leadbeater - Man Visible and Invisible.pdf289.97 KB
 C W Leadbeater - Hidden Life in Freemasonry.pdf1.41 MB
 C W Leadbeater - A Textbook of Theosophy.pdf169.4 KB
 C W Leadbeater - The Astral Plane, Its Scenery, Inhabitants and Phenomena.pdf324.5 KB
 C W Leadbeater - An Outline of Theosophy.pdf4.03 MB
 C W Leadbeater - Clairvoyance.pdf503.07 KB
 C W Leadbeater - Man Visible and Invisible v2.pdf6.58 MB
 02 - The Practice of Magical Evocation.pdf4.58 MB
 04 - The Golden Book of Wisdom.pdf44.89 KB
 03 - The Key to the True Kabbalah.pdf641.65 KB
 01 - Initiation into Hermetics.pdf501.74 KB
 Rawn Clark Gates of Initiation.pdf6.65 MB
 Franz Bardon Book 2-2 Practice of Magical Evocation.pdf4.77 MB
 Rawn Clark A Bardon Companion, Expanded Second Edition.pdf2.69 MB
 Bardon's Teachers.pdf58.24 KB
 Franz Bardon Book 2-1 Practice of Magical Evocation 2001 Merkur Edition.pdf2.04 MB
 Franz Bardon Book 1 Initiation into Hermetics 2001 Merkur Edition.pdf1.77 MB
 Franz Bardon Book 3 Key to the True Kaballah.pdf734.85 KB
 7 Hermetic Letters Georg Lomer.pdf567.36 KB
 Georg Lomer Seven Hermetic Letters.pdf490.83 KB
 Hitler vs Frabato by Robert Bruce Baird.pdf1.17 MB
 Franz Bardon Practice of Magical Evocation.pdf4.82 MB
 Franz Bardon The Golden Book of Wisdom, 4th book.pdf44.89 KB
 The Kybalion.pdf257.43 KB
 Franz Bardon Frabato the Magician.pdf2.39 MB
 Franz Bardon Key to the True Qaballah.pdf734.85 KB
 Healing Power of Sunlight by Jakob Lorber.pdf100.99 KB
 Franz Bardon Frabato.pdf1.98 MB
 Franz Bardon Initiation into Hermetics.pdf552.08 KB
 The Chakras by C W Leadbeater.pdf723.22 KB
 A System of Caucasian Yoga by Walewski.pdf12.77 MB
 rawn clark - a bardon companion.pdf1.04 MB
 Franz Bardon - Frabato the Magician.pdf1.98 MB
 Franz Bardon - Initiation into Hermetics.pdf422.51 KB
 Franz Bardon - Questions and Answers, The Great Arcanum.pdf22.45 MB
 Franz Bardon - The Golden Book Of Wisdom.pdf44.89 KB
 Frater Veos - Initiation into Hermetics, Commentary.pdf308.87 KB
 Franz Bardon - The Practice of Magical Evocation.pdf4.82 MB
 Franz Bardon - The Key to the True Quabbalah.pdf707.77 KB
 Gregor A Gregorius - Die magische Erweckung der Chakra im Ätherkörper des Menschen.pdf177.5 KB
 Franz Bardon - Frabato (Deutsch).pdf442.21 KB
 Franz Bardon - Die praxis der magischen evokation.pdf778.55 KB
 Franz Bardon - Das goldene Buch der Weisheit (Fragment).pdf51.05 KB
 Franz Bardon - Der Schluessel zum wahren Quabbalah.pdf442.34 KB
 Franz Bardon - Der Weg zum wahren Adepten.pdf1.21 MB
 Franz Bardon - La Practica de La Evocacion Magica (2).pdf18.72 MB
 Franz Bardon - La Practica de La Evocacion Magica - Sigilos.pdf2.73 MB
 Franz Bardon - La Practica de La Evocacion Magica (1).pdf951.54 KB
 Franz Bardon - Iniciación al Hermetismo.pdf616.66 KB
 Recuerdos de Franz Bardon.pdf5.13 MB
 Franz Bardon - La Clave de la Verdadera Cabala.pdf890.67 KB
 Franz Bardon - Frabato le Magicien.pdf614.11 KB
 Franz Bardon - Le Chemin de la Vraie Initation Magique-trad.g.fleury1981.pdf1.74 MB
 Souvenirs de Franz Bardon.pdf927.88 KB
 Franz Bardon - La Clé de la Véritable Kabbale.pdf20.19 MB
 La Pratique de la Magie Evocatoire - Partie III [ILLUSTRATIONS].pdf6.45 MB
 Rawn Clark - Un compagnon dans l'étude de Franz Bardon.pdf535 KB
 Franz Bardon - Le Chemin de la Véritable Initiation Magique.pdf1.05 MB
 La Pratique de la Magie Evocatoire - Partie II [HIERARCHIE].pdf11.48 MB
 Franz Bardon - Paroles de Maitre Arion - Le Livre d'Or de la Sagesse.pdf223.56 KB
 La Pratique de la Magie Evocatoire - Partie I [LA MAGIE].pdf406.58 KB
 Frater Veos - Comentários sobre IAH (Atualizado).pdf318.29 KB
 Franz Bardon - CVA - Magia Prática - O Caminho do Adepto.pdf1.01 MB
 Franz Bardon - O Livro de Ouro da Sabedoria.pdf106.63 KB
 Franz Bardon - PEM - A Prática da Evocação Mágica (incompleto).pdf425.63 KB


Magick Sorcery Occult Esoteric Hermetics ebooks archive (2015)

Some books found in other torrents have also been incorporated - only the best. I don't like borrowing from other torrents, but torrents have the tendency to die out so quickly these days. See it as a backup and redundancy.

Without a deep study of occult literature you will never get to the bottom of the great (inter-) planetary conspiracy. However, you have to be deeply rooted in your faith in GOD in order not get hijacked by satanic seductions of sex, fame and power. Weak willed people should stay away and not touch this collection. You have been warned. If you want to play with the devil, the devil will end up playing with you. And don't take any drugs. Yes, mum.

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