Marilyn Ferguson - The Aquarian Conspiracy (1981) new age deception

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 Changing Images of Man, Social Engineering, 1982.pdf4.45 MB
 Constance Cumbey - A Planned Deception.pdf3.14 MB
 Constance Cumbey - The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, 1983.pdf7.7 MB
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Marilyn Ferguson - The Aquarian Conspiracy (1981) new age deception

Called "an exciting vision of the future" (Cleveland Plain Dealer), "a handbook of the New Age" (USA Today), and "a new charter of human possibility" (Norman Cousins) upon its initial publication in 1980, The Aquarian Conspiracy is a breathtaking, compelling study of the changes in work, relationships, medicine, religion, education, and more that comprised the birth of the New Age movement. An influence on thinkers from Deepak Chopra to Al Gore, The Aquarian Conspiracy remains a thorough, detailed classic of contemporary thought—an impeccable document that traces one of the most powerful cultural movements of our age.

More Relevant Now Than When First Written

A quick word about the effects of the title to this fine book before the review. As can be seen by a few negative reviews amongst the mostly glowing ones, the title is misleading and there is no "conspiracy" within the pages of this most uplifting and informing book. For those folks preoccupied with discovering where the devil lurks instead of seeking knowledge of God and truth, you will be disappointed because the devil ain't here. You would be well informed to ignore the title and dive in to the content. If your concern for life is such that you seek answers to some of the most confounding problems facing humanity, however, you will be delighted. No offense to Ms Ferguson or her publisher, but the title was poorly chosen and does not fit the beautiful content, but that's water under the bridge now. The assessment of the human condition along with the positive answers for unification of the human family with the rest of life is inspiring! That said, this beautiful book exploded on the scene in 1980 and described where humanity was at in it's perception of reality, social structure, economics, politics and environment. It also clearly delineated where we should be headed for a more inclusive, rewarding and healthy future and almost every chapter concludes with a comparison list to show where a "Paradigm Shift" or change, is needed in our collective perception of reality on a broad range of topics.

The information and resources are as relevant today as when the book was first published - only more urgent because a good number of the changes needed then have not occurred and time marches on waiting for no one. Written as a "Why" and "How-to" guide for personal and societal transformation, it has an appendix full of network groups that offer guidance for change- all that list needs now is e-mail and website updates not available in 1980. To point out the relevancy of this work in today's world, we can take a look at a subject heading: "The Way Of Avoidance" (p 74). Consider all of the big ticket issues that are intentionally being swept aside and ignored by society and government alike such as global warming, population pressure, pollution, disparity of wealth, etc., and we have: "At the level of ordinary consciousness, we deny pain and paradox. We doctor them with Valium, dull them with alcohol, or distract them with television. Denial is a way of life. More accurately, it is a way of diminishing life, of making it seem more manageable.

Denial is the alternative to transformation." "Personal denial, mutual denial, collective denial. Denial of facts and feelings. Denial of experience, a deliberate forgetting what we see and hear. Denial of our capacities. Politicians deny problems, parents deny their vulnerability, teachers deny their biases, children deny their intentions. Most of all, we deny what we know in our bones." "We are caught between two different evolutionary mechanisms: denial and transformation." And this is the essence of this fine book: to point out the current states of denial and to offer realistic, immediate alternatives for a positive transformation to an existence that we would rather have and can obtain with a little effort. This book is a predecessor and now a fine companion to Duane Elgin's books, "Awakening Earth" "Voluntary Simplicity" and "Promise Ahead" where the need for "Paradigm Shifts" in thinking and relating to our world are expertly and thoroughly expounded upon. I also recommend Theodore Roszak's, "The Voice of the Earth". These are potent books with immediate, practical answers to uplift humanity.

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Changing Images of Man, Social Engineering, 1982.pdf
Constance Cumbey - A Planned Deception.pdf
Constance Cumbey - The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, 1983.pdf
Livesey, Roy - Understanding the New Age, 1990.pdf
Marilyn Ferguson - The Aquarian Conspiracy, 1981, OCR.pdf
Marilyn Ferguson - The Aquarian Conspiracy, 1981.pdf

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