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Maverick Launcher v3.9.06

A program launcher should provide quick access to the programs and documents on your computer. A key feature of any launcher is actuation, i.e. how it is opened. Some program launchers attach themselves to the taskbar, other launchers may use hotkeys or some other strategy. Essentially, a program launcher must be quick and simple to open.

Maverick offers several actuation methods...

*Magic Actuators:
These are transparent bars, two pixels high, located at the top and/or bottom of the screen. Just click to open the launch window.
These are permanently visible blobs on the edge of the screen. You can choose to have launch windows activate with or without a mouse click.
*Hotkeys and Taskbar Icon:
These are always available irrespective of other choices.
*Application Bar:
Strictly, this isn't an actuation method, but if you create an application bar it will be permanently visible. A buttonbar on the left edge of the screen, with captions displayed as hints, may be ideal if you have a particularly large monitor. This can include buttons that open other launch windows.
In a typical configuration, if you want to open the Windows Calculator, you would do the following...

Move the mouse to the top of the screen and press the left mouse button — this will cause the launch window to appear.
Simply click the Calculator button.

A program launcher must be versatile and easy to configure. Maverick is very strong in this area...

You can create as many launch windows as you like and each can contain as many launch buttons as you like.
New launch buttons can be created by dragging. You can even create buttons by dragging directly from the Windows Start Menu.
Launch buttons can be copied or moved from one window to another.
You can select several buttons and change their style or drag them elsewhere.
If Auto-arrange is switched off, you can arrange buttons any way you wish.
Both launch buttons and launch windows have many options that can be adjusted from their respective property pages.


A program launcher should be attractive. Maverick has a many visual options so you should be able configure it in a way that suits you.

Each launch window can have its own border color, title color and background color/image.
Several background images are supplied but you can use your own too.
If you prefer, you may use normal borders, a single-pixel border or no border, however, certain features become unavailable. (A single-pixel border is suitable for an application bar.)
Launch buttons can be styled individually. They can display 32 by 32 pixel icons or 16 by 16 pixel icons. The caption can be displayed below or to the right of the icon (or it can be displayed as a hint only). Buttons can be opaque or transparent - indeed there are several styles, and you can choose any color too.

Other Features:
Maverick has much more to offer...

*Extensive online help — just press F1 or the help button in most dialogs.
*Extensive keyboard support.
*A sophisticated alarm clock.
*An option to automatically eject disks when Windows is shut down.
*An option to hide desktop icons if you prefer to have a clean desktop.
*Launch Buttons can access Windows verbs such as properties and print, etc.
*Most folders can be opened as drop-menus so it is often possible to avoid opening Explorer.
You can also add filters so that only certain file types are displayed.

Integrated utilities:

*Dump: to view a hex and ascii dump of a file.
*Font Map: to view fonts.
*Obliterate: to irrevocably destroy files.
*Profile: to help determine which files and directories occupy the most disk space.
*Read Disk: to scan a CD/DVD data disk for errors. It can also scan other files and directores too.
*Touch: to adjust file creation and/or modification times.
*Wipe Free Space: to write random data over the empty areas of a disk thereby rendering recovery of deleted files impossible.
*Zip: to perform zip file compression/decompression.
*ZipFix: to recover data from damaged archives. It can also assemble fragmented archives.
Though not included with Maverick, Zipfusion can be driven directly from Maverick to create self-extracting archives from zip files.

Minimum Requirements:
Computer: Any Pentium-class computer or above running Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.
Though no longer supported, Maverick should also work correctly on older platforms.
Hard Disk space Less than 5 MB

Version 3.9.06
This is a minor update, however, it includes a number of significant changes.

Windows 8
Corrected problem with Hide Desktop Icons feature.


2.Close down after install & exit from tray
3.Copy contents from crack folder into install directory
4.Use given key to register

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