NewSoftwares Folder Lock 7.6.0 Final DC May 3, 2016 + Licenses

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NewSoftwares Folder Lock 7.6.0 Final DC May 3, 2016 + Licenses (Size: 9.27 MB)
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Folder Lock

Data Security Software powered by

AES 256-Bit Military Grade encryption!

Version 7.6.0 - Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

Lock all your Files, Drives & Folders.

Hiding any type of data on your PC with a click of a button. Industry's fastest data locking system.


Encrypt Files:

Folder Lock also offers 'Encrypt Files', to encrypt and password protect your most precious files and folders.

Folder Lock can create an unlimited number of Lockers, for you to store your important files. These Lockers

are portable; can automtically expand depending on how many files you dump in; are fast and can be treated as

a normal drive or folder. All data is encrypted on-the-fly with 256-AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm.

Encryption is on-the-fly and decryption is automatic at run-time in memory, leaving no traces of the data on the

hard drive.

Secure Backup:

Folder Lock optionally offers 'Secure Backup' to let you backup your Lockers to an encrypted online storage as

well. Folder Lock has come about a full circle towards integrating its security in the cloud, by keeping your

data encrypted for backup, even while you are working on your files. No need to decrypt or manually backup your

files using a third-party backup service. Files that modify, delete or add are automatically synced in encrypted

form to your online storage account. You can also login to multiple computers and manually sync accross all of

them. Since data is encrypted at all ends, there is never a risk of data availability without a correct password.

You can later restore files at any time, on any computer, and in any device by providing a correct password. To

start backing up your files, you can sign up by going to ‘Secure Backup’ in Folder Lock. You can upgrade your

online storage space quota later at anytime you wish.

Protect USB / CD:

Another Folder Lock feature is 'Protect USB / CD' with which you can convert your Lockers into standalone files

that are portable and self-executable (*.exe), and can be copied or burned to external storage devices like USB

Drives, CDs, and DVDs so that you do not need to install Folder Lock on computers where you take your portable

drive to. You can then simply run the self-executables, enter the correct password, and access your data anywhere.

This hybrid nature of Lockers let you keep data protected and synced in multitude of devices at the same time with

complete portability.

Make Wallets:

For users who wish to maintain a confidential list of their personal identification details, then Folder Lock

offers another great feature called ‘Make Wallets’ which has been introduced in this version based on strong

customer feedback. With ‘Make Wallets’, you can now create secure and encrypted Wallets in your PC to save and

store your personal information like your Bank Account, Business Card, Business Info, Credit Card, General

Purpose, Health and Hygiene, ID Card, License and Passport. ‘Make Wallets’ provides you with a feature-rich

personal and confidential information protection and gives you the power to choose information to set passwords

for each individual wallet, and on-screen snapshots of category and card information. ‘Make Wallets’ stores and

saves all your personal and confidential information in an encrypted form.

Shred Files:

‘Shred Files’ is an additional (Xtra) feature within Folder Lock. It enables you to shred and securely delete

important or explicit material from your computer to prevent recoverability of your data. Shred Files also

permanently empties hard drive space to be sure that your previously deleted files are completely irrecoverable.

Information security research has shown the critical vulnerability of empty hard disk spaces. With Shred Files,

you can rest assured that no file recovery software can either undelete or recover shredded files, an added

advantage over simple delete offered in Windows. ‘Shred Files’ permanently removes your files, folder, and

drives based on the U.S Department of Defense specified secure deletion protocols.

Clean History:

Clean History is an additional (Xtra) feature within Folder Lock that securely removes all recent activities of

your PC. Clean History works by allowing you to select multiple Windows items where you have may have left your

footprint, and enable their removal by removing any and all traces left behind. Clean History, thus, maximizes

your privacy, a breach of which can cause you much distress. Clean History removes traces of recent computer

activities like Windows Temporary Files, Open/Save Directory, Clipboard Data, Media Player History, MS Paint

History, WordPad History, Run History, Find & Search Computer History, Recent Documents History, and much more!


Furthermore, with additional features like Hack Security, Stealth Mode, Auto Protection, Password Security, and

Virtual Keyboard, Folder Lock enhances data protection beyond anything ever achieved.

Thanks for downloading.

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