Prof. Konstantin Meyl - The New Tesla (2012) [pack]

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Prof. Konstantin Meyl - The New Tesla (2012) [pack] (Size: 839.37 MB)
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Prof. Konstantin Meyl - The New Tesla (2012) [pack]

Nikola Tesla was the biggest scientific genius in the last century. Today this is Prof. Dr. Konstantin Meyl from Villingen, Black Forrest, Germany. He has not only organized a revival of Tesla but developed his research to mind-boggling levels. He detected that every vortex has a counterpart, a so-called potential vortex, being able to form matter. He shows that electrons, protons, neutrinos etc. are double vortexes, without needing a postulate. By that he proofs, that there are two more types of waves besides the already well-known electromagnetic wave (Hertz 1888). Tesla (1899) detected the electric scalar wave and Meyl the magnetic scalar wave, giving access to free energy, huge over unity effects. The magnetic scalar wave, as an aspect of the neutrinos and therefore being quicker than light, is used in all biology, so Meyl can explain how the DNA is sending information and energy as an antenna using a DNA wave.

He describes what electro smog is and how we can avoid this. The cell phone industry, the TV/radio and computer industry and the car manufacturers could revolutionize their products by using scalar waves instead of electromagnetic waves, because they are more healthy, use less energy and have one dimension more to transport information.

And finally Meyl found the unified field theory, which a lot of scientists have searched for since long time. Even Einstein did not succeed. He trapped himself in the wrong information that nothing is quicker than light.

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2 hour video interview included

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Prof. Konstantin Meyl - The New Tesla (2012) [pack]

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