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 03 Cosmic Dessert.m4a42.22 MB
 02 Elevator Sunshine Girl.m4a38.41 MB
 06 Magnetic Air.m4a38.29 MB
 04 Magic Eye.m4a47.86 MB
 05 Infection 268-7.m4a57.48 MB
 07 Majestic Feeling.m4a66.12 MB
 08 Blue Moon Station (album version).m4a55.04 MB
 09 Planet Zoo.m4a36.35 MB
 11 Swimming with Stones.m4a39.07 MB
 10 Third Time (a-version).m4a46.5 MB
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Programmed Assassins on Blue Moon Station (2015) mkultra

Project Blue Moon Station

In this project we will have a look at the subliminals hidden in the album "Blue Moon Station" by Solar Fields.

Subliminal audio - What are subliminals?

Subliminal sounds are sounds that are hidden, either just below or above hearing range, at a very low volume behind louder sounds, or masked in some other way.

If you want to make subliminal binaural beats or isochronic tones, a good way is to simply use audio frequencies for your tones that are just above or below our hearing range but still within the range of audio equipment.

Very low sub bass isochronic tones have a very nice effect.

Isochronic tones are regular beats of a single tone that are used alongside monaural beats and binaural beats in the process called brainwave entrainment. At its simplest level, an isochronic tone is a tone that is being turned on and off rapidly. They create sharp, distinctive pulses of sound.

You could use the method of band separation for embedding audio into pre-made music to do this. Or if you are a producer, then you can just add subliminal sound to your music while you are making it.

You may have seen classical music or other audio works that claim to have binaural beats or isochronic tones "embedded" into the audio. It sounds complex but is actually very simple. All you need to do is to split your audio into frequency bands using equalizers or filters, and then apply binaural de-tuning or isochronic gating to one or more of these bands, choosing bands that don't mess up the overall sound too much.

A common method for embedding binaural beats into classical music is to isolate the low sub bass and to apply de-tuning there, in this way the music will still sound good. If you de-tune the higher frequencies in classical music you will find that your music may sounds as if it is playing through an effect like a tremolo or chorus. This is not good if you want the binaural beats to be "hidden".

Music Album - Blue Moon Station

I have chosen this album because it seems to be particularly effective, and because its song titles and its lyrics are quite revealing - it's a real classic in the subliminal field. It's like the Dane Spotts Mind Tek, Psi Tech stuff but with music added.

Then we will try to figure out the meaning and intention behind those subliminals both on the cognitive and energetic levels and their impact on your mind, soul and on your spiritual evolution.

And then we will analyze the open, non subliminal lyrics contained in these music files.

And finally we will have a look at the deeper occult meaning of the song titles being used, including the album cover.

Bear in mind that you will be exposed to massive subliminal audio programming by listening to these files, but this cannot be avoided if you want to learn how to discern these subliminals by yourself.

PLEASE NOTE: The sound quality of the video is 128 kbps AAC only, therefore you may have to listen to the lossless audio files included to actually be able to become aware of the hidden subliminals.

Some quotes have been taken from the book "Derrick Scott van Heerden - Mathemagical Music Production, 2013"



Blue Moon Station ALAC

01 Confusion Illusion.m4a
02 Elevator Sunshine Girl.m4a
03 Cosmic Dessert.m4a
04 Magic eye.m4a
05 Infection 268-7.m4a
06 Magnetic Air.m4a
07 Majestic Feeling.m4a
08 Blue Moon Station (album version).m4a
09 Planet Zoo.m4a
10 Third Time (a-version).m4a
11 Swimming with Stones.m4a

Spoken Subliminals.mp3


album covers with mind control, occult, alien symbolism


Project Blue Moon Station, 2015.pdf
Subliminals Decoded, 8th ed.pdf


Project Blue Moon Station, 2015.mp4

tags: music, subliminal, mind control, mkultra, monarch, mkdelta, psychology, kundalini, conspiracy, nwo

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