Quake III: Arena-AnCiENT

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 ,,  db .g8"""bgd db `7MM"""YMM `7MN. `7MF'MMP""MM""YMM  ;MM: .dP' `M MM `7 MMN. M P' MM `7  ,V^MM. `7MMpMMMb. dM' ``7MM MM d M YMb M MM  ,M `MM MM MM MM MM MMmmMM M `MN. M MM  AbmmmqMA MM MM MM. MM MM Y , M `MM.M MM  A' VML MM MM `Mb. ,' MM MM ,M M YMM MM .AMA. .AMMA..JMML JMML. `"bmmmd' .JMML..JMMmmmmMMM .JML. YM .JMML. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[INSTALL]--------------1. Open q3a.exe2. Browse / Type desired extraction folder3. Go to install dir and open Quake3 folder4. Run quake3.exe (Make shortcuts if desired)5. When prompted for serial, just click Accept (No serial needed)6. Enjoy---------------------------------------------------[NOTES]----------------Multiplayer works, but I doubt many will still be playing this game online.-------------------------------------

This has been tested and working on Windows 7 64-bit

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Quake III: Arena-AnCiENT