Rise of the Tomb Raider [+ DLC] (2015-16) XBOX360 [RUS]

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Rise of the Tomb Raider [+ DLC] (2015-16) XBOX360 [RUS] (Size: 8.08 GB)
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Information about the game:
Original title: Rise of the Tomb Raider
Year: 2015 - 2016
Genre: Action, Adventure, 3d, 3rd person
Developer: Crystal Dynamics

Released: Microsoft Game Studios, Square Enix
Language: Russian, English, Spanish, Dutch
Language: Russian, English, Spanish
Publication Type: GOD, License
Firmware: Freeboot
Titie ID: 53510823
Media ID: 66412E43
Dashboards: 16537

System requirements:
Games Platform: Xbox 360 (modified)
Required space on HDD: 8.08 GB



Extras / DLC:
- The "Endurance" - Endurance Mode:
The pair caught in a wild place, it is necessary to collect pasture, tinkering guns and hide - from the harsh elements of the day, and at night from deadly enemies as bipeds and quadrupeds. This is a real test in the spirit of "fragile girl against nature." In it, Lara knows how long able to survive in the vast world, concealing a lot of dangers. For fire needs fuel. If there is no heat - die from the cold. Food restores health. But all that is necessary for life, there has to catch, collect or tinkering. You start with nothing and must find all. Compete with friends who will last longer in the wilderness. Try to get to the top of the leaderboard and gain the title of master of survival. The game includes new equipment and weapons.
- The legacy of the Prophet - Prophet's Legacy:
It includes costume "Immortal Guardian", which reduces the damage of Lara from the Greek fire, dagger "Prick of righteousness" and a set of cards in which the two cards are guaranteed to be rare, and the other three are more likely to be rare.
- Siberian ranger - Siberian Ranger:
Siberian ranger. It includes costume "Siberian tracker," which increases the amount of ammunition carried by special variant semiautomatic pistol "Accipiter Nox" and a set of cards containing a guaranteed rare maps and an increased chance for others.
- Ancient vanguard - Ancient Vanguard:
Includes costume "Ancient vanguard", reduces the time before restoring the health of Lara, archery option "Guiding Light" and a set of cards in which the two cards are guaranteed to be rare, and the other three are more likely to be rare
- Tactical Survival Kit - Tactical Survivor Pack:
It includes equipment "tactical set", which reduces the manufacturing cost of special ammunition, an option "Carbon" for a compound bow and a rare metallic map of "The Master bow", giving Lara the improvements to the bow and increases its damage and range approximation.
- Set "kestrel" - Sparrowhawk Pack:
Includes equipment "Kestrel", improving hunting skills Lara's version of "White Tree" for recursive bows and rare metallic card "master hunter" doubles the damage done by Lara beasts, and doubles the amount of resources extracted from their carcasses.
- Season Pass
- A set of "Alfa-predator" - Apex Predator Pack:
Includes equipment "Alpha predator" Reduces damage from beasts, incredibly powerful derringer "Poison" with all the modifications.
- Set pre-order "cause for hope" - Hope's Bastion Pre-Order Pack:
Includes equipment "cause for hope", reinforcing shots, made with fully taut bowstring, the variant "Crusher" for the battle-ax and a rare metallic card "Juggernaut", which for a while gives Lara additional armor after each kill.
- Set "Resistance Offspring" - Remnant Resistance Pack:
Includes equipment "descendant," thanks to which Lara sometimes will not waste resources when dressing option "Moon Shadow" for the heavy gun and a rare metallic card "bulletproof", enhancing protection from firearms.
- Baba Yaga: The Temple of the witch - Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch:
Deep in the Siberian taiga stretches thicket, where people do not enter, and which had disappeared Soviet expedition. Lara went to the Valley of Sin in the search for a missing person, but falls into inexplicable nightmare. I do not dwell there in the woods Baba Yaga? Did the ancient tradition not fiction? In three hours of new gameplay Lara will face new dangers, to explore new tomb, unravel the secrets of the past decades and face an ancient evil. In addition includes a new suit and a bow.
TU 4 - Titie ID 53510823 - Media ID 66412E43
Running games from external devices:
1. Copy the folder 53,510,823 with the game on the stick, or any HDD format FAT32.
2. Connect to the USB connector on the Xbox 360.
3. Start the game through the FreeStyle Dash.
4. Game.
* Tu and DLC should be on the HDD console
Starting the game with an internal hard disk drives:
1. Copy the folder with 53,510,823 stick or FTP server to the folder HDD1: / Content / 0000000000000000 /
2. scan and load the cover.
3. Run the game from the Xbox 360 section Games.
4. Game.

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