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Seraph V0.33Reduced maximum ammo capacity on all weapons by 33% to discourage hoarding. Use the cool guns, people! Boosted damage bonus for piercing light from 25/30/35/40/50 to 50/60/70/80/100. Made controller vibration stronger for enemy deaths and the player taking damage. Fixed the Dominator achievement finally. Sorry about that. Survival mode now correctly keeps all of your weapons, wards and blessings between levels. You can now correctly view and scroll through transmutation components. Hitting Blink when attached to a wall or ledge will now Blink Seraph away from the ledge. Boosted the difficulty increase of one of the Twitch mode votes in twitch mode from 0.5 increase to 0.75 increase instead. Boosted Herald and final boss' Health greatly at higher difficulties. Boosted all late game (7.0+ difficulty) damage significantly to account for Rebirth bonuses.Changed the way score is awarded in Survival mode. You now gain between x1 and x5 multiplier to your XP score based on how many Difficulty Pips are lit. This is in addition to the overall difficulty multiplier (no more taking damage on purpose to prevent difficulty from climbing!). We now give players a checkpoint orb on the elevator following the Herald fight. Game save should never be cleared when dying on the final boss. Prevent the Maestro daemon from becoming HUGE in some levels, filling the screen. Added the new orb types as voting options to Twitch mode. This is what broke twitch mode before (when they were selected for a vote, yet had not been properly added). You can now 'Blink' away from walls or ledges seraph is holding on to. Over 100 other bug fixes and performance improvements.

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