The Secure Home by Joel M Skousen (2006)

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The Secure Home by Joel M Skousen (2006)

This is the long awaited update of Mr. Skousen's original and popular work, The Survival Home Manual, last printed in 1982. It has a new title and is a near total rewrite--expanded from 300 pages to 700 pages. This book is intended to give you all the information you need to implement a high security and self-sufficient residence or retreat, from initial design strategy to shelter construction details. Mr. Skousen's design specialty is building high security, totally self-sufficient homes that are completely off-the grid. This massive volume shows you how to accomplish the complex process of integrating all of the security and self-sufficiency systems into a conventional structure. His unique multi-purpose, high security shelter designs allow a person to install a concealed safe room within a conventional home that offers complete live-in protection from tornadoes, hurricanes, fire, intrusion and nuclear fallout. These are self-contained with independent electrical power, water, food storage and communications and compact living facilities--all with convenient access from inside your own home. His voluminous lists of specific product and equipment recommendations, along with sources, will save you months of research. These lists are updated regularly on his website so that your copy of The Secure Home will never be out of date.

How Secure is Your Home?

Securing your home and protecting your family requires more than simply installing solid door locks and a security system. As people in the Northeast discovered during the 1998 winter ice storms, crime is only one type of misfortune that can strike a family.

To illustrate, take the following quiz about the security of your home:

1. How would you keep your house from freezing in the winter if electricity were unavailable for a long period of time? Do you have some type of wood burning heater? What about hot water?

2. Do you have back-up cooking facilities if an earthquake made natural gas unavailable for a month or two? Could you heat hot water?

3. What if you lose both electricity and gas?

4. Would you be willing to rely on batteries and candles for illumination if a major power outage lasted more than a week?

5. Do you have extra tanks of potable water should public water supplies be cut off or contaminated? Would you know how to collect and filter your own water if none was available for a long time?

6. If a winter storm damaged windows in your home, would you have sufficient plastic sheeting and repair materials to quickly enclose the open areas to retain heat?

If you answered "No" to any one of the above questions, your home is NOT secured, and your family is NOT protected.

ebook: The Secure Home by Joel M Skousen (2006) 680p.pdf

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