Timothy Leary collected works - mega-pack 2nd edition

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Timothy Leary collected works - mega-pack 2nd edition (Size: 963.17 MB)
 Timothy Leary - How to Operate Your Brain (1993).mp326.47 MB
 03.The Tune In.mp36.07 MB
 06.All Girls Are Yours.mp37.67 MB
 05.Root Chakra.mp33.84 MB
 07.Freak-Out.mp31.06 MB
 08.Freak-Out (Continued)Genetic Memory.mp318.92 MB
 10.Epilogue (Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out).mp34.85 MB
 04.The Beginning Of The Voyage (Heart Chakra).mp36.41 MB
 09.Re-Entry (Nirvana).mp35.27 MB
 02.The Turn On.mp33.95 MB
 01.Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out.mp34.19 MB
 Front.jpg159.87 KB
 Inlay 1.jpg227.76 KB
 Disc.jpg284.17 KB
 Inlay 2.jpg354.32 KB
 tray.jpg133.98 KB
 01.Live And Let Live.mp328.52 MB
 03.What Do You Turn On When You Turn On.mp314.52 MB
 02.You Can Be Anyone This Time Around.mp319.5 MB
 Poster.jpg478.83 KB
 Inner 3.jpg144.62 KB
 Disc.jpg250.58 KB
 Back.jpg276.21 KB
 Front.jpg292.86 KB
 Inlay.jpg308.29 KB
 Inner 1.jpg603.05 KB
 Inner 2.jpg594.51 KB
 057 Leary.jpg479.99 KB
 056 Leary.jpg300.55 KB
 058 Leary.jpg430.67 KB
 060 Leary.jpg203.8 KB
 061 Leary.jpg1.59 MB
 055 Leary.jpg234.89 KB
 059 Leary.jpg281.98 KB
 053 Leary.jpg412.37 KB
 050 Leary.jpg171.67 KB
 062 Leary.jpg510.98 KB
 Timothy Leary - Photographs.pdf2.66 MB
 Timothy Leary - Space Migration SMIILE.pdf1.36 MB
 Timothy Leary - NeuroLogik [german_deutsch].pdf532.33 KB
 Timothy Leary - The Delicious Grace of Moving One's Hand.pdf23.42 MB
 Ueber die Kriminalisierung des Natuerlichen - Leary, Timothy.pdf1.92 MB
 Timothy Leary - Info-Psychology v4.pdf494.3 KB
 Timothy Leary - The Psychedelic Experience.pdf1.15 MB
 Timothy Leary - The Intelligence Agents.pdf22.98 MB
 Timothy Leary - Info-Psychology v1.pdf4.83 MB
 The politics of ecstasy - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996.pdf13.59 MB
 The intelligence agents - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996.pdf16.1 MB
 Timothy Leary - Starseed.pdf122.19 KB
 Timothy Leary - Start Your Own Religion.pdf116.71 KB
 Timothy Leary - Psychedelics to Internet.pdf707.12 KB
 Timothy Leary - Psychedelic Prayers.pdf317.88 KB
 Timothy Leary - Programmed Communication During Experiences with DMT.pdf64.91 KB
 Timothy Leary - The Eternal Philosophy of Chaos.pdf48.63 KB
 Timothy Leary - The Interpersonal Dimension of Psychology (1951) - 28 pages.pdf1.28 MB
 Timothy Leary - The Psychedelic Experience - Tibetan Book of the Dead v4.pdf182.32 KB
 Timothy Leary - The Psychedelic Experience - Tibetan Book of the Dead v3.pdf199.88 KB
 Timothy Leary - The Psychedelic Experience - Tibetan Book of the Dead v2.pdf262.28 KB
 Timothy Leary - NeuroComic [german_deutsch].pdf5.01 MB
 Timothy Leary - Neurocomics (1979).pdf20.25 MB
 Timothy Leary.pdf1.35 MB
 Timothy Leary - Biographie _ german.pdf262.25 KB
 Playboy Interview - Timothy Leary.pdf1.31 MB
 An Annotated Bibliography of Timothy Leary.pdf26.48 MB
 Timothy Leary - Correspondance.pdf74.54 MB
 Info-psychology - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996.pdf15.21 MB
 Hoehere Intelligenz und Kreativitaet - Leary, Timothy.pdf2.48 MB
 Info-psychology - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996 v2.pdf8.32 MB
 Multilevel measurement of interpersonal behavior - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996 v2.pdf8.05 MB
 High priest - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996.pdf26.58 MB
 Jail notes - Leary, Timothy.pdf7.2 MB
 Interpersonal diagnosis of personality - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996.pdf1.28 MB
 Change your brain - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996.pdf5.42 MB
 Multilevel measurement of interpersonal behavior - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996.pdf6.49 MB
 Confessions of a hope fiend - Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996 bw.pdf15.31 MB
 David Solomon Timothy Leary LSD The Consciousness Expanding Drug.pdf4 MB
 Timothy Leary Think for Yourself Question Authority.pdf1.35 MB
 Timothy Leary The Last Message Of Aldous Huxley.pdf413.89 KB
 Timothy Leary The Religious Experience Its Production and Interpretation.pdf1.12 MB
 Timothy Leary The Experiential Typewriter.pdf1.72 MB
 Timothy Leary The Eternal Philosophy of Chaos.pdf67.09 KB
 Timothy Leary The Effects of Consciousness Expanding Drugs on Prisoner Rehabilitation.pdf1.42 MB
 Timothy Leary The Second Fine Art Neo symbolic Communication of Experience.pdf1.25 MB
 T.Leary G.Snyder A.Watts A.Ginsberg The Houseboat Summit.pdf180.13 KB
 Timothy Leary & Ralph Metzner On Programming Psychedelic Experiences.pdf585.16 KB
 leary.jpg9.88 KB
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Timothy Leary Collected Works - pack 2nd edition

Timothy Francis Leary (October 22, 1920 – May 31, 1996) was an American psychologist and writer, known for his advocacy of psychedelic drugs. During a time when drugs such as LSD and psilocybin were legal, Leary conducted experiments at Harvard University under the Harvard Psilocybin Project, resulting in the Concord Prison Experiment and the Marsh Chapel Experiment. Both studies produced useful data, but Leary and his associate Richard Alpert were fired from the university because of the public controversy surrounding their research.

Leary believed LSD showed therapeutic potential for use in psychiatry. He popularized catchphrases that promoted his philosophy such as "turn on, tune in, drop out" (a phrase given to Leary by Marshall McLuhan); "set and setting"; and "think for yourself and question authority". He also wrote and spoke frequently about transhumanist concepts involving space migration, intelligence increase and life extension (SMI2LE), and developed the eight-circuit model of consciousness in his book Exo-Psychology (1977).

During the 1960s and 1970s, he was arrested often enough to see the inside of 29 different prisons worldwide. President Richard Nixon once described Leary as "the most dangerous man in America".

Leary: "Life on the Planet Earth, through the instrumentality of the human nervous system, has begun to migrate from the Womb Planet, to escape from gene pools, to establish colonies in high orbit, from whence it can more accessibly contact and communicate with Life in the Galaxy. Rocket-ships have attained the escape velocity necessary to ascend beyond the gravitational pull of the womb-planet. Radio-telescope "dishes" now look out to the stars, ready to receive electro-magnetic messages from intelligent neighbors. Electronic signals are now transmitting through interstellar space the message of human readiness to ex-change and comm-unicate. The suspicion grows that we, who are about to leave this small satellite of a peripheral star, are neither alone nor isolated."

Files: Audio, Books, Comics, Correspondence, Papers, Pictures, Bibliography, Interviews, and more - see file list

comment: Some books and papers are present in several editions. To my knowledge this must be the best and most extensive collection of Leary's writings on the net. There are also a few german books to be found in this archive. Nixon's statement was worth more than a Nobel prize. Keep SMI2LE-ing!

tags: Leary, book, comics, psychedelic, alternative, culture, mind, psychology, philosophy, entheogen, altered state, transformation, illumination, enlightenment, drug, LSD, meditation, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, chakras, yoga, intelligence, space, GOD, ufo, alien

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