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ALEXANDER THE GREAT: This stunning High Definition documentary details the military strategies and radical warfare techniques that allowed a twenty-two-year-old king to defeat a superior military force and, in one decisive victory, topple the mighty Persian Empire.

Known as the Battle of Gaugamela, it is viewed as one of the greatest military engagements of the ancient world. In 331 BCE, the two most powerful armies in the world met outside a small village in what is now considered to be Northern Iraq. On one side stood Alexander the Great, the young king of Macedon, and his small, but highly trained force. Opposing him was Darius, the king of Persia, and his army of 250,000 warriors. The film reveals how Alexander's innovative military tactics allowed him to prevail against seemingly overwhelming odds to become the master of the known world.

WATERLOO: On June 18th, 1815, the fate of Europe rested in the hands of two distinguished generals. Bonaparte, the emperor of France, had marshalled his forces together in an attempt to regain control of the entire continent. Opposing him was an army of British, Dutch and Prussian allies, led by the brilliant commander, Arthur Wellesley. The film highlights how a brutal one-day clash between 200,000 combatants forever altered the course of the European continent and the world itself.

BATTLE OF THE BULGE: In December of 1944, Hitler launched 200,000 soldiers and over 500 tanks against the allied lines in Belgium in a desperate attempt to stave off defeat. Caught off guard, the allied forces were pushed back, with the new frontlines forming a bulge into their controlled territory. For the next 41 days - and amid brutal winter conditions, the two sides would engage in fierce pitched battles that would eventually claim more than 160,000 casualties and determine the outcome of the war. The film details how the tactics of the allied forces repelled this massive offensive and broke the back of the German army.

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