Wilhelm Reich Montauk and Psychosexual Mind Control [pack]

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Wilhelm Reich Montauk and Psychosexual Mind Control [pack] (Size: 323.8 MB)
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Wilhelm Reich Montauk and Psychosexual Mind Control [pack]


1) James Casbolt - Agent Buried Alive

My name is James Michael Casbolt. The following is my life and testimony. I was born in London in 1976. I was chosen for an intelligence agency mind control and genetic enhancement programme before my birth and was born into the programme known as Project Mannequin. This project is one of the most secret and classified projects in this country, and this is the first ever book written about it.

I was born into the project because of rare genetic attributes that I posses, which the handlers of the project are looking for – also, because of my family's involvement in the intelligence community and the Illuminati. My family descends from the French royal family of the French revolution on my father's side. My Grandfather was involved in naval intelligence in the Second World War. His name was James Casbolt. He was also a high-ranking member of the Sindlesham Grand Masonic lodge in Berkshire. Berkshire is a major centre of activity in the U.K for what has come to be known as The New World Order. He was a Zionist Jew and also heavily involved with Rupert Murdoch and ran his own printing company after the war. My uncle was an MI 5 operative in logistics - his name is Brain Casbolt - and my father was a MI 6 operative; his name was Peter Casbolt. My father was also known under many different aliases in the intelligence community. My stepfather, Neil Pettet, was a high level executive of an aluminium metal company called Hi-Mets (now called Service Metals). This company was based in Newbury, practically right on top of the AL/499 facility. Neil had a military defence contract with the M.O.D and worked underground at R.A.F. Welford connects underground to the AL/499. He also worked at Harwell genetics labs in the area and Boscombe Down military unit in Wiltshire. Both these places are heavily connected to Project Mannequin, as we shall see later in this book.

specs: 4.6 hours, Mac computer voice

2) Phoenix Undead - Montauk Project and Camp Hero Today by John A. Quinn (1998)

This entire field of research, including the legendary Philadelphia Experiment activities, dates back originally to the later 1930s. These were the early attempts at achieving radar invisibility ("Stealth") and according to some sources literal sight invisibility as well using "interdimensional" technology devised primarily by Nikola Tesla and Janus Von Neumann. By all accounts these experiments at the Philadelphia Naval Yard in the early 1940s ended in uncontrollable and nightmarish failure when the ship was thrust into hyperspace; reappearing with a severely damaged crew only after the generators, transmitters and other equipment had been destroyed. During the 1950s, under the scientific leadership of Von Neumann, these earlier efforts gave birth to both the interdimensional/time travel and the psychotronic/mind control aspects of the Montauk Project operations.

It must be pointed out to those revisionists who discount the reality of the Philadelphia Experiment and also to those whose minds boggle at the contemplation of such subjects, that there is ample evidence in the public record alone, (newspapers, magazines, periodicals, etc.), showing that in the later 1930s and early 1940s Naval Intelligence and other agencies were indeed wholeheartedly researching radar cloaking technology with the top minds in physics, including John Hutchinson, Emil Kurtenhauer, Albert Einstein, Von Neumann and Tesla. Although not often discussed then or now, literal sight invisibility was also a subject of considerable interest in this work. Sites for this research were first the University of Chicago and then later The Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton, New Jersey.

In recent years much evidence has surfaced indicating that the Montauk base and the subterranean facilities have been and are still the site of the Phoenix Project and are used for a tremendous amount of top secret, ultra-classified research and experimentation into interdimensional technology, quantum and particle physics (black hole simulation), psychotronics, super-powerful electrical and electromagnetic fields, weather control, electronic and drug-based mind control, and more recently genetics and particle beam technology.

specs: 5.8 hours, Mac computer voice


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2) books on Wilhelm Reich and Orgone energy

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