4000 English Words Subliminal Ultrasonic Sleep Learning (2016)

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4000 English Words Subliminal Ultrasonic Sleep Learning (2016) (Size: 668.83 MB)
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4000 English Words Subliminal Ultrasonic Sleep Learning (2016)

This is an updated July 2016 edition of a former 2015 torrent by a similar name. Someone had complained about the high number of files, so I've changed that. The ultrasonic file is meant to be played in the loop mode, so it will repeat after three hours.


Aldous Huxley's book Brave New World has inspired me to create these subliminal files for sleep learning. Why waste time and energy learning words during the daytime, when you can do this with ease while sleeping?

Imagine this: Investing, let's say eight hours every night in sleep-learning, that's 240 hours a month! You cannot help but become a language expert. You don't believe this works? Good enough. Now check it out for yourself to verify your unconscious bias. A critical and open mind is a good mind, a stubborn and closed mind is a bad mind.

4000 Essential English Words, Book 5

4000 Essential English Words is a six-book series that is designed to focus on practical high-frequency words to enhance the vocabulary of learners from high beginning to advance levels. The series presents a variety of words that cover a large percentage of the words that can be found in many spoken or written texts. Thus, after mastering these target words, learners will be able to fully understand vocabulary items when they encounter them in written and spoken form.

Each unit presents 20 words which are defined and used in sample sentences. The activities in the books are designed to present the words in different uses so that learners can fully see how they can be utilized. Also at the end of each unit there is a story which contains the unit's target words to give learners further examples of the words in use. Each level properly prepares the learner for the next which progressively challenges the learner with more sophisticated vocabulary and stories.

Key Features

(1) Clear, easy to understand definitions and examples
(2) Various activities to reinforce target vocabulary
(3) Progressive development of vocabulary across levels
(4) Original stories which utilize target words
(5) Useful color images that illustrate each target word
(6) Free downloadable supplemental audio recordings of target word lists and stories to aid in listening and pronunciation


01 audible 4000 Essential English Words.m4a
01 ultrasonic 4000 Essential English Words.flac
01 ultrasonic 4000 Essential English Words.m4a (Apple lossless)


4000 Essential English Words 5 Answer Key.pdf
4000 Essential English Words, Book 5.pdf

comment: Credits go to KAT-member "Mantesh" for the original non-ultrasonic source files. Never mind that these files will transform you into a zombie, eating up his own parents for lunch. (just kidding) These files are also meant as a proof of concept, so to speak, in case you belong to those, who still believe that subliminals cannot possibly work. Remember the "you cannot hypnotize anyone against his will" nonsense? Watch some Derren Brown videos on youtube to verify that preconception.

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