Black Goo AI Archons Morgellons and Mind Control (2015)

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Black Goo AI Archons Morgellons and Mind Control (2015)

Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation

Harald Kautz-Vella presents his detailed lecture on the two types of Black Goo, Morgellons, and Artificial Intelligence at the Bases Woodborough conference held on June 20th.

This conference presents cutting edge data of such importance some has yet to reach a text book. Much is developing by the day. With further new information on the A-I and the Black Goo, only being discovered in recent days.

3rd edit, with additional Morgellons video. Harald presented a 3hr interview in Bases 46. He is co-author of Dangerous Imagination Silent Assimilation with Cara St Louis, who was interviewed in Bases 45 with further parts to come.

Harald is speaking at the Bases International Conference, see for details, and

There are 2 forms of Black Goo, one made by the earth, and another that was landed here by intention, in a meteor swarm, 80,000 years ago. Both are sentient and are designed to create life from the materials on the planet. In simple terms, it's a "seed" device.

The intelligence that seeded the off world goo, is creating life that is bypassing the natural order, and bringing lifeforms to a higher level of order than they should naturally be. In this case BIG spiders.

In this first of 3 parts, German researcher and discusses smart dust, and the Black Goo. Use of Scalar Physics is discussed, so you will have to pay attention. This is about an extraterrestrial, dimensional Predator species that is silently assimilating humanity, and all life on earth.

These interviews are released for free, as a public service, by the Bases Project. See also Bases 17, 18 and 25. The next day Harald presented his findings to the Woodborough Conference, for Bases, see separate upload. He will be present at Bases International Conference and Film Festival, July 31st-Aug 2nd at The Theatre On The Hill, Marlborough, Wilts

Harald is co-author with Cara St Louis of Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation.

Cara is an ex producer for The Peoples Voice, and co author of Dangerous Imagination Silent Assimilation. The Sun Thief, and her first book Consolata's Companion. Here she discusses the murder of her mother, who was an editor for a fact sheet for US Navy intelligence. (Which is senior service and way above the NSA)

Cara's books are available everywhere via or via her shopify channel. In Australia, NZ and Canada it is only available through shopify which is

The aspects of the Prussian education system instigating the killing of imagination, and using education to make drone obedient workers and soldiers, who do not question, just obey. This has been rolled out in the global education system,and is being enforced more rigorously against any children who do not comply.

Silent Assimilation. Cara is speaking at the Bases Project June 20th 2015 conference, in Merlins Mound, Ellis Theatre, Marlborough, Wilts, with her co-author from Germany, Harald Kautz-Vella, who is lecturing on smart dust and the Sentient Fluid.

tags: chemtrails, black goo, archons, AI, mind control, aliens, morgellons, NASA, assimilation

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