Epic Rap Battles of History

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Epic Rap Battles of History (Size: 2.37 GB)
 Epic Rap Battles of History.rtf410 bytes
 05. Hulk Hogan and Macho Man vs Kim Jong-il.mp448.32 MB
 12. Dr. Seuss vs Shakespeare.mp443.69 MB
 07. Einstein vs Stephen Hawking.mp443.02 MB
 10. Billy Mays vs Ben Franklin.mp440.25 MB
 09. Napoleon vs Napoleon.mp439.55 MB
 06. Justin Bieber vs Beethoven.mp439.07 MB
 15. Nice Peter vs EpicLLOYD.mp438.29 MB
 04. Sarah Palin vs Lady Gaga.mp438.04 MB
 13. Mr. T vs Mr. Rogers.mp436.41 MB
 08. Genghis Khan vs Easter Bunny.mp435.91 MB
 08. Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney.mp463.57 MB
 18. Rasputin vs Stalin.mp460.82 MB
 17. Mozart vs Skrillex.mp443.14 MB
 04. Michael Jackson vs Elvis Presley.mp442.15 MB
 01. Hitler vs Vader 2.mp439.4 MB
 12. Moses vs Santa Claus.mp438.46 MB
 06. Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates.mp437.86 MB
 03. Mario Bros vs Wright Bros.mp437.69 MB
 02. Master Chief vs Leonidas.mp436.54 MB
 09. Doc Brown vs Doctor Who.mp435.75 MB
 06. Donald Trump vs Ebenezer Scrooge.mp462.42 MB
 10. Sir Isaac Newton vs Bill Nye.mp453.82 MB
 03. Miley Cyrus vs Joan of Arc.mp450.75 MB
 11. George Washington vs William Wallace.mp448.96 MB
 01. Hitler vs Vader 3.mp444.11 MB
 12. Artists vs TMNT.mp442.21 MB
 05. Michael Jordan vs Muhammad Ali.mp441.81 MB
 07. Rick Grimes vs Walter White.mp440.82 MB
 02. Blackbeard vs Al Capone.mp438.71 MB
 04. Bob Ross vs Pablo Picasso.mp432.75 MB
 12. Jim Henson vs Stan Lee.mp4101.83 MB
 10. Eastern Philosophers vs Western Philosophers.mp488.17 MB
 03. Zeus vs Thor.mp457.3 MB
 06. Steven Spielberg vs Alfred Hitchcock.mp456.18 MB
 07. Lewis and Clark vs Bill and Ted.mp455.44 MB
 13. Deadpool vs Boba Fett.mp448.94 MB
 02. Romeo and Juliet vs Bonnie and Clyde.mp447.9 MB
 05. Oprah vs Ellen.mp445.67 MB
 11. Shaka Zulu vs Julius Caesar.mp444.75 MB
 09. Terminator vs Robocop.mp440.28 MB


Hello ! This is my very first torrent, here are seasons 1-4 of this uber great show Epic Rap Battles of History !

These are internet rips, you can watch these for free on Youtube, but i like to have a hard copy of things in case the world explodes and there is no more internet.

Please help seed this great collection <3



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Epic Rap Battles of History