Exposing the Subliminal Conspiracy - Covers of Music Albums (2015)

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Exposing the Subliminal Conspiracy - Covers of Music Albums (2015)

As you may know, I have found Monarch MKULTRA mind control subliminals in thousands of music albums. See my other torrents for that. Now let's have a look at some of the album covers of those albums containing identical subliminals. Let's find out if there's a common thread here, a basic underlying agenda manifesting in those covers.

These albums are all connected by identical subliminals pointing at a common controlling intelligence behind it. Such a common origin should also manifest on the visual level as a common symbology in these covers.

What we're dealing with here is alpha obedience programming, delta assassin programming, and omega suicide programming. Let us see if this hypothesis may be corroborated by these pictures, assuming you haven't quite been convinced yet by my subliminal hypothesis.

Maybe these covers can give us a clue who or what is behind this agenda. Are we dealing with a human conspiracy here, or an alien one?

The agenda we expect to find here is the agenda of the "robotization of humanity", a key component of the transhumanist agenda, the goal of establishing the Luciferian singularity.

Under the Luciferian new world order there will be no room for either free will, individuality or personality. Basically, humanity will get transformed into an army of brain dead, chipped and computerized zombies. Actually, we're almost there, and you may have noticed, if you're not a zombified sleep walker already.

Let us see if we can find any clues in these albums pointing in this direction. Let us also see if we may find any clues relating to alpha, omega and delta programming, and clues relating to the occult, robotics and mind control in general.

Let us see whether my "wild conspiracy theory" may be corroborated by hard facts. After all, symbols on album covers are facts as hard as they may possibly get. To those who are able to understand these symbols, it's a real universal language transcending all barriers of conventional languages.

Hiding their plans in plain sight is an old tradition amongst your Illuminati overlords. This is based on the assumption that the sheeple won't get it anyway, and as a kind of challenge to us by them.

Some claim they want to show you how powerful they are, so powerful they won't even have to hide their plans from us because you can't stop them anyway. It's a form of bold arrogance, and also an inside joke amongst themselves.

Some claim the Illuminati are under a kind of karmic obligation to reveal their plans before implementing them. "See, we gave them a chance, but they missed their opportunity."

Some claim that this strategy of clandestine revelation serves the purpose of manifesting their plans on the material plane even faster. The Illuminati are hijacking people's soul energies so the collective beliefs of many people who believe in the unstoppable power of the Illuminati and the inevitability of Biblical prophecy will help the Illuminati manifest their dark plans.

On many covers you will find their hexagon symbol. Actually, this is a cube from a third perspective. Some claim this relates to the honeycomb mind under mind control, others relate this symbol to Saturn, the hexagon you can see on some satellite pictures at the pole of Saturn. Saturn relates to Satan.

There's an occult dark brotherhood out there called "Fraternitas Saturni", the brotherhood of Saturn.

Alex Collier, the ET contactee, talks about the "black monks" conspiracy controlling the world.

Saturn in astrology is the ruling planet of Capricorn and, traditionally, Aquarius. Lucifer's one world order is expected to appear in the age of Aquarius, or the age of Horus.

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