Freeman Conspiracy Show 2016.01.16 - 2016.03.26

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 Crimes Against Humanity – Max Igan.mp326.57 MB
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 Genetically Modified Babies! What is next_ – The Greek.mp326.51 MB
 Homegrown Terrorists – Crystal Clark.mp328.99 MB
 Immortal Corporation Domination – Sofia Smallstorm.mp324.87 MB
 Lucifer_s Council on Foreign Relations – James Perloff.mp327.43 MB
 MKULTRA and the Cuckoo_s Nest.mp327.12 MB
 Magical Extraterrestrial Communication – Richard Smith.mp330.17 MB
 Nephilim – Past and Present – Gary Wayne.mp328.85 MB
 Owls ET and Magic – Mike Clelland.mp329.97 MB


Freeman Conspiracy Show 2016.01.16 - 2016.03.26


Immortal Corporation Domination – Sofia Smallstorm 54:16 3/26/16 Corporations created by snake oil salesmen of the past are now immortal beings with more rights than humans and are quickly gaining control of our planets natural resources. Will "Google Geeks" replace lawyers as we move into decentralized contracting ...

Owls ET and Magic – Mike Clelland 1:05:24 3/19/16 Are you having a hidden experience. Maybe you have had ET contact in the past. Do you feel a magnetic force? Urban Shaman contactees are finding a path on planet earth that can seem, well, alien. Why are things on our planet so inhumane?

Magical Extraterrestrial Communication – Richard Smith 1:05:52 3/12/16 Magical spatial gateways are created with ritual magic. How does the occult open DNA memory to distant stars? Magicians have be communicating with extraterrestrials for centuries. What would happen if one of these being got in contact with you.

Nephilim – Past and Present – Gary Wayne 1:02:58 3/5/16 How important is a race of giants in the 21st century? Did they exist? Do they exist and are they still enslaving humanity? How does the Genesis 6 Conspiracy relate to the New World Order?

Lucifer’s Council on Foreign Relations – James Perloff 59:52 2/27/16 When Bohemian Grove becomes blase to those in the know and unbelievable by those that lack understanding, our world is thrown into chaos. Was the Superbowl Half Time Show intentionally gay? Like, social engineering gay?

Genetically Modified Babies! What is next? – The Greek 57:51 2/13/16 Francis Crick Institute just announced that it will make the UK the first country to modify embryo with DNA altering. They stated that it is illegal to implant these embryos into women. If you know and don't speak, how guilty should you feel?

Crimes Against Humanity – Max Igan 58:00 2/6/16 See Max Igan at the Free Your Mind Conference The adventures of Max Igan come to life as he describes his travels to war-torn areas and his trip to the pyramids of Peru. We examine the crimes against humanity and seek solutions from their trials and tr...

MKULTRA and the Cuckoo’s Nest 59:11 1/30/16 Ken Kesey united hippies and beats on the Merry Prankster bus in a CIA induced mind control experiment fueled by LSD. In his premier novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Ken Kesey portrayed a mental hospital that was controlled by an evil ‘Combine’...

Homegrown Terrorists – Crystal Clark 1:03:14 1/23/16 We are the last generation that could escape a digital footprint. Most of us haven't. What is the database for? Will you become a non-violent anarchistic homegrown terrorist? "I don't want to live on this planet anymore" is the meme of this generation....

Free Energy For Liberty – Robert Otey 50:39 1/16/16 Seeking liberty is an active current in our cosmos. Is it a Universal Law? Free energy exists and needs to be shown to the world!

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