Keshe - 2012 USB stick files - released 15 March 2014

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Keshe - 2012 USB stick files - released 15 March 2014 (Size: 1.65 GB)
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The content of USB stick from 2012, as released to public by Taiwanese Keshe Foundation group on the 15th March 2014

The content of USB stick of 2012 has been released to public by Taiwanese KF group
Yesterday, 04:51 PM
We have been informed by the Taiwanese Keshe Foundation group, according to our request, that they have today released the full contents of the USB stick given to governments of the world in 2012, which has been given to them by their government.

The content of the USB stick was released to selected people around the world as per our wish today first that it could not be blocked by others.

From today the knowledge for production of free food, health systems, materials, energy and motion is fully given and delivered to human race, unconditionally and as gift from us to humanity.

We hope now this stops all the wars and conflicts as now you have enough to create enough food, energy, motion, all materials and keep the man healthy through the health patents released anywhere in the universe, which has never been disclosed before.

Now we are not the only group or organisation, which through simple systems can save the life of the man from any illness on this planet and beyond.

Now you can help yourselves with all your medical, food, materials, motion and energy which you might need through development of these simple systems.

Our mission is complete.

Through our workshops we will teach you all the methods of the production and use of all systems.

Now the health program of the Foundation through the patents which have not been disclosed before, through the release of the USB stick content by Taiwanese government to public, NOW they have become the world population intellectual right property.

We thank the government of Taiwan and the honesty of the Keshe Foundation team in this country for sharing their gained information with the rest of humanity.

This link has been provided by Taiwanese Keshe Foundation group for all the content of the USB stick.

The data can be open by WinRAR or Win ZIP.

We advise you to spread this documents as fast as you can to as many people and groups that the human-race starts the new cycle of developments all together on equal opportunity.

I thank all our supporters around the world and hope you find peace and prosperity with this disclosure.

Please do not forget that these documents carries the world peace treaty paper, Sign yourself to it, that you never use this new knowledge to harm no one and use the information and technologies within these patents and blue prints and what to be gained from them, for peace and prosperous society for human-race and those beyond the boundaries of this planet.

M T Keshe

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Keshe - 2012 USB stick files - released 15 March 2014


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Wyrmspleen42 • 31 March 2014, 21:56
Good stuff
anonymous • 17 March 2014, 15:14
this is some heaven of an info... If this gets real, exploring Nibiru wont be far away

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