Sandy Hook David Wheeler Played 2 Roles Father and SWAT Team

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Sandy Hook David Wheeler Played 2 Roles Father and SWAT Team

I've found this highly revealing video on youtube. Sandy Hook may not be news anymore, but it's not really about Sandy Hook here, it's about understanding a new type of false flag scenario being inflicted upon us by the Luciferian elite, their new devilish modus operandi.

Under a classical scenario, they'd simply use one of their many programmed mkultra assassins to ritualistically perform one of their many human sacrifices, disguised as school shootings, done by the stereotypical lone-nut assassin, but in some cases it's not about actually sacrificing human lives, but about manipulating the public's mind, the collective sheeple hive-mind, being conditioned by their corporate controlled media matrix.

Under their new modus operandi, it's not about actually killing people, but merely about creating the illusion of killing people in order to attain the desired psychological effect on the masses. If you manage to make the public believe a fictional scenario to be real, then they will behave as if it were true. Therefore, you won't even have to actually kill people to get the desired effect. We might call this new type of operation a "virtual synthetic false flag", or a "wag-the-dog scenario".

There are serious voices out there claiming that even the Aurora-shooting was completely synthetic and virtual, next to many other shootings as well.

Using this blueprint, one might artificially manufacture entire wars, that in truth never really happened. It's quite mind boggling if you truly understand how far this strategy may be taken. You may even question your entire conception of human history. Maybe most of our history-books are completely fake, and the past didn't really happen the way we think it happened. Why should mind control only happen to other people, maybe it's also happening to us? Of course most major publishing houses are owned by the Illuminati.

Something is strange about this Sandy Hook event though, because some of the mistakes they have made there seem to be so blatant, that one cannot get rid of the impression that they were done on purpose, maybe to give us a fair chance to figure it all out.

It's as if there's a bet going on amongst the elites here, it's as if the elites wanted to prove to themselves how utterly moronic the sheeple have become, and that, therefore, they have the right to rule over us, because we have become so mentally incompetent that we're simply not capable anymore to rule over ourselves in a responsible way - I guess they have a point there.

Therefore, see this video as an introduction to a new type of false flag, they may well use more often on us from now on.

Of course Sandy Hook has to be seen within the context of their attempt to disarm the American people, so they can finally set up their totalitarian one-world tyranny, by getting rid of that last line of defense. Have you noticed how massive their attacks on gun rights have become recently? They seem to be running out of time, because they're pushing it hard now.

One really has to admire the Illuminati for being so bold. I think they're getting a good laugh out of this. But what can a man do, if he has so much money that he has already bought everything he could possibly have bought, and done everything he could possibly have done? To them this world is their grand chessboard, their grand stage, and we are their chess pieces. Yes, they're playing God again.

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Sandy Hook David Wheeler Played 2 Roles Father and SWAT Team