Star Trek TNG Sickbay Ambient Sound Monarch Mind Control

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Star Trek TNG Sickbay Ambient Sound Monarch Mind Control (Size: 91.81 MB)
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Star Trek TNG Sickbay Ambient Sound Monarch Mind Control

This is quite interesting. I've found this on youtube.The original file was 12 hours(!) long, I've cut it down to 30 minutes. It's a loop-file anyway, so it doesn't matter. What is interesting here is the fact that the entire subliminal script for MKULTRA Monarch mind control is hidden in this file, although the only thing you can hear are rather faint background noises. Don't underestimate its power though.

What do you learn from this? We learn that subliminals may be hidden anywhere, even in the dial-tone of your phone or any news show on the radio. We don't want to get paranoid here, but technically this is no problem. This file proves it. Bear in mind that it's not me having added the subliminals, they were already in there.

As a bonus I've added a brief video I've created for youtube. It's very basic, too basic for, I guess, but I've added it anyway. Maybe you're interested. It's a text to speech version of my latest subliminal script 9th edition, that's all, with a few thoughts thrown in. It's a sheeple video, but nice for getting an overview anyway. I've changed the tonality of its voice and the tempo, making it rather eerie.

Remember the concept of "sleep learning" in Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World"? The Star Trek file is perfect for this, if you're crazy enough to actually check it out. It's your mind after all.

Did you know that Star Trek is all about predictive programming? Bear in mind that in all likelihood there's a secret breakaway civilization out there, and I wouldn't be surprised the least if the secret space program actually were on the level the Star Trek series is on. Star Trek may be reality, not fiction, believe it or not.

Did you know that Gene Roddenberry behind Star Trek was a high degree Mason? We down here are just the economic slave substratum making such stellar projects possible. We work for it, we earn the money for it, we make the necessary inventions behind it, but the fruit is being eaten by someone else, it seems. Remember the Trillion dollars having disappeared from the Pentagon back in 2001? I've got a pretty good idea where that money went to. Not into our pockets, that's for sure. We are being fooled big time down here.

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