Subliminal Orgasmic Initiation Into Lucifers One World Order (2015)

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Subliminal Orgasmic Initiation Into Lucifers One World Order (2015)

Being a gardener and growing plants, you need seeds and a growth medium, a culture medium, and you need air and the light of the sun. Plants may also be cloned, they may be cross-bred and hybridized to bring forth the desired outcome. The gardener, the owner of the garden, has the power to shape his plants according to his desires and needs. During wintertime, many plants will wither and die.

Sometimes the gardener has to root out certain plants to give room to other plants, so they may grow and prosper. A gardener may even use poison or other methods to get rid of undesired specimens. After all, a gardener doesn't grow plants for their own sake, but he grows them so he may use them for his own personal needs. These plants serve him, they are his servants.

The Illuminati see this world as their garden where they cultivate human beings on their human farm, they call it "human farming". To bring forth the desired species they have to cross-breed them from time to time by flooding Western countries with foreigners from other countries. With their politics they may motivate families to have more children by tax incentives, or they may prevent families from having more children by restricting access to the required resources such as money, time or food.

Within the context of human farming, the cultivation doesn't just take place on the physical level, but also on the mental level. The minds of young human beings have to be cultivated too on their human farms, they have to be brought into the desired form and shape by appropriate sensory stimulation from the environment, an environment being defined by a society's culture.

On the human farm, humans minds are being formed and cultured with the help of Western culture, a culture defined by movies, music and computer gaming. With these methods the Illuminati make sure that their human animals will develop neurological structures that won't result in behavior patterns conflicting with the desires and needs of the Illuminati overlords.

To shape the minds of their human animals, specific subliminal messages are being inserted into their media, in their music, in their video games, in their movies, and so on. Not only subliminals but also the narratives and story lines being communicated by these media helps shape the minds of the target population in the desired manner. A key component here is the school system, where the future slave is being trained appropriately.


Meatsolder - Orgasm Marketing
Pranava - Deep Chant and Yantra Meditation


Lucifers Pyramid
Subliminals in Meatsolder - Orgasm Marketing
Text in Video


Subliminal Orgasmic Initiation (2015).mp4

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