Subliminal Revelations 9th Edition Mind Control with Music (2015)

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Subliminal Revelations 9th Edition Mind Control with Music (2015)

I've found a new "music" album where the subliminals can be heard much more easily. Therefore I was able to create a paradigm shifting 9th edition of my subliminal sound file analysis that is much improved. Much of the analysis done for the previous 8th edition has been confirmed though.

As incredible as it may sound, these subliminals can be found in ten-thousands of music albums. According to former member of the Illuminati Jay Parker, the satanic body of the Illuminati in the United States alone consists of 10 to 12 percent of the American population, that is 34 million people. There may be more in other countries though.

If five percent of these people were musicians, then you would have 1.7 million artists, more than enough to gobble up the entire music scene, more than enough for putting their nasty subliminals in most music albums on the market. If the Illuminati can set up the U.S. army consisting of more than a million soldiers to fight their dirty wars for them, then they can also set up an army of musicians fighting their cultural wars for them by infecting millions of people with subliminals.

Don't worry if you can't believe this, it has taken me quite some time to believe it myself. Sometimes the truth sounds crazy, because we live in a crazy world.

According to the Bible, in the end times there will be a flood of demonic possession, but considering that the Biblical authors knew nothing about mind control, maybe they used the term "demonic possession" to express what their seers were able to perceive - people under mind control acting in a demonic manner. Those who don't hesitate shooting innocent people on the battlefield, won't hesitate infecting innocent people's minds with subliminals either.

The Illuminati are waging a war on people's minds. Some call it mind control, others call it brainwashing or indoctrination, some call it demonic possession. Sure, there are also astral demonic entities out there, but this demonization of people through mind control may also result in a form of psychological possession with an alter, a demonic sub-personality having been programmed into your biocomputer by subliminally infected music.

Please Note: The soundtrack in the video is 128 kbps AAC only, therefore you may have to use the separate audio files I've included for the full effect

tags: mkdelta, monarch, mind control, Montauk, Illuminati, antichrist, subliminals, music, sounds, audio

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