Subliminal Revelations Part 2 [720p] (2013)

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Subliminal Revelations Part 2 [720p] (2013)

In the first part you have learned something about monarch programming from alpha to omega, this part is mainly about examples. Here I will show you many different songs and what kind of subliminals are actually in them. If you have good headphones and some training and good ears then you'll be able to identify them by yourself. But granted, it's a highly subjective process and some of the subliminals may have been misidentified by me - but even with a certain margin of error the outcome of this project is rather troubling to say the least. It is quite rare to a find a modern song not containing any subliminals these days and what is even more troubling is the rather nasty nature of these subliminals. In principle subliminals need not be negative, they can also do good things to your mind. But like with any technology it is as good or as bad as the person using it.

This film should be seen in the context of psychological self-defense. We know how to defend ourselves against physical attacks but when it comes to the silent war, the battle for your mind, then most of us are quite helpless and aren't even aware of the fact that their mind is under attack - and how do you defend yourself against an enemy if you aren't even aware of him being there? Subliminals are quite nasty in their nature since they do have an effect but are quite inaudible to the untrained mind - just like a tasteless and odorless poison in your food. When you notice you have been poisoned then it's already too late.

And just like your body your mind may be poisoned too - poisoned with false values, wolf-like desires, with wishes going against your own interests. People may convince you of something that is wrong and they may do so overtly or subliminally. But when it's happening subliminally then you won't even notice you have been convinced, you won't even know that you have been seduced. When we know who's telling us something, then the mere fact we have identified that person may already help us categorize the data we receive from that person, but when we believe a subliminally absorbed thought to originate from our own mind, then it is much more likely we will trust that thought and accept it. That's what mind control is all about - selling an idea in such a way that it will be accepted.

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