Led Zeppelin - "The Garden Tapes Volume One" MSG, NY July 27th 1973 flac

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Led Zeppelin - "The Garden Tapes Volume One" MSG, NY July 27th 1973 flac (Size: 605.62 MB)
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 LZ 1973-07-27 D1T1 Rain Song.flac40.8 MB
 LZ 1973-07-27 D1T2 Dazed and Confused.flac171.41 MB
 LZ 1973-07-27 D2T1 Stairway To Heaven.flac78.59 MB
 LZ 1973-07-27 D2T2 Moby Dick.flac130.58 MB
 LZ 1973-07-27 D2T3 Heartbreaker.flac40.67 MB
 LZ 1973-07-27 D2T4 Whole Lotta Love.flac102.34 MB
 LZ 1973-07-27 D2T5 The Ocean.flac41.07 MB
 LZ1973-7-27 Garden Tapes Vol 1.txt1.34 KB


Led Zeppelin - "The Garden Tapes Volume One" MSG, NY July 27th 1973 flac


Led Zeppelin

Madison Square Garden

New York NY

July 27, 1973


Eddie Edwards

Something Completely Different (The Garden Tapes part I)

SBD Source - various tape and CD sources used but mostly from

Grandiloquence (Antrabata)

AUD SOurce - 1st->DAT->CDR

Show lineage CDR(from Eddie)>EAC>FLAC

Audience Source: Incomplete good audience recording. Almost 101 minutes.

Details: The tape is a bit muddy but fairly clear with noticeable overload

distortion and some hiss.

Soundboard Source: Incomplete excellent 1st soundboard recording. 47 minutes.

Details: The recording is a very good balanced professional board tape.

I want to thank my friend Eddie Edwards for allowing

me to seed this fine show that he put together.

Eddie's releases are always from the best sources available.

They always run at the correct speed, perferct source splices,

proper leveling and are error free.

The sound is unaltered.

CD 1

1. The Rain Song

2. Dazed And Confused

CD 2

1. Stairway To Heaven

2. Moby Dick

3. Heartbreaker

4. Whole Lotta Love (medley)

5. The Ocean

Flac Fingerprints

LZ 1973-07-27 D1T1 Rain Song.flac:c777dd6b4bc85bb56be71aa5ccc40568

LZ 1973-07-27 D1T2 Dazed and Confused.flac:9a0a606767ce43e7099ebb045eb51ce9

LZ 1973-07-27 D2T1 Stairway To Heaven.flac:e480ccf099b3287a7bce14ddc9e4a229

LZ 1973-07-27 D2T2 Moby Dick.flac:ceb250ad6e44acbf1f06b25ea748e0ae

LZ 1973-07-27 D2T3 Heartbreaker.flac:33b56d60168bcf8cba04f0faee9ffb6d

LZ 1973-07-27 D2T4 Whole Lotta Love.flac:ca79c0721afc71a20ac17783ab98f2da

LZ 1973-07-27 D2T5 The Ocean.flac:c22a0446594d0341107595cf0352ac3f

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Well ... a historic gem and only a portion! Plant introducing Stairway To Heaven

saying: "I think this is a song of hope..." and he suddenly ad-libs "...and it's

a very quiet song so shut up!" but only the first part of his introduction can be

heard on movie and soundtrack. Bonham launching with a fury his drum introduction

to Heartbreaker and then heavily leads the band with Whole Lotta Love.

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Led Zeppelin - "The Garden Tapes Volume One" MSG, NY July 27th 1973 flac