Led Zeppelin - "The Garden Tapes Volume Three" MSG, NY July 29th 1973 flac

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Led Zeppelin - "The Garden Tapes Volume Three" MSG, NY July 29th 1973 flac (Size: 1.03 GB)
 1973-07-29 D1T1 Rock And Roll.flac28.04 MB
 1973-07-29 D1T2 Celebration Day.flac23.47 MB
 1973-07-29 D1T3 Black Dog.flac42.53 MB
 1973-07-29 D1T4 Over The Hills And Far Away.flac44.25 MB
 1973-07-29 D1T5 Misty Mountain Hop.flac33.81 MB
 1973-07-29 D1T6 Since I've Been Loving You.flac53.87 MB
 1973-07-29 D1T7 No Quarter.flac75.31 MB
 1973-07-29 D1T8 The Song Remains The Same.flac35.76 MB
 1973-07-29 D1T9 Rain Song.flac51.93 MB
 1973-07-29 D2T1 Dazed And Confused.flac191.87 MB
 1973-07-29 D2T2 Stairway To Heaven.flac72.55 MB
 1973-07-29 D2T3 Moby Dick.flac143.8 MB
 1973-07-29 D3T1 Heartbreaker.flac42.61 MB
 1973-07-29 D3T2 Whole Lotta Love.flac119.52 MB
 1973-07-29 D3T3 The Ocean.flac29.47 MB
 1973-07-29 D3T4 Thank You.flac64.89 MB
 1973-07-29 FLAC fingerprints.txt1.11 KB
 1973.07.29 New York Garden Tapes Vol III (EE).ffp1.22 KB
 LZ1973-7-29 Garden Tapes Vol 3.txt2.41 KB
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Led Zeppelin - "The Garden Tapes Volume Three" MSG, NY July 29th 1973 flac


Led Zeppelin

Madison Square Garden

New York NY

July 29, 1973


Eddie Edwards

A Long, Long, Long Way From Home (The Garden Tapes part III)

SBD Source - Grand Finale Bootleg

AUD SOurce - 2nd->DAT->CDR

Show lineage CDR(from Eddie)>EAC>FLAC

Audience Source: Incomplete fair to good audience recording. 183 minutes.

Details: The sound quality is muddy and rather very distant at the beginning but

improves a bit after few songs, where even the bass becomes more distinct.

Soundboard Source: Incomplete excellent 1st soundboard recording. Near 167 minutes.

Details: The recording is a very good balanced professional board tape.

I want to thank my friend Eddie Edwards for allowing

me to seed this fine show that he put together.

Eddie's releases are always from the best sources available.

They always run at the correct speed, perferct source splices,

proper leveling and are error free.

The sound is unaltered.

*Grand Final bootleg from EVSD used SBD from the previous night to fill in

the missing gaps. Eddie fixed this cardinal sin using the AUD from the 29th

to fill in the missing gaps, and made it 3CD's rather than EVSD 4CD.

Ive been told that Tarantura used this version for "Missing Doll"

CD 1

1. Rock And Roll

2. Celebration Day

3. Black Dog

4. Over The Hills And Far Away

5. Misty Mountain Hop

6. Since I've Been Loving You

7. No Quarter

8. The Song Remains the Same

9. The Rain Song

CD 2

1. Dazed And Confused

2. Stairway To Heaven

3. Moby Dick

CD 3

1. Heartbreaker

2. Whole Lotta Love (medley)

3. The Ocean

4. Thank You

Flac Fingerprints

1973-07-29 D1T1 Rock And Roll.flac:ab2c6514c2a6118ef08e8ab920701afb

1973-07-29 D1T2 Celebration Day.flac:1f39c19600d3e1a39e1a28e895b374f9

1973-07-29 D1T3 Black Dog.flac:aa97181e6d403cee6218a3be61e0fe00

1973-07-29 D1T4 Over The Hills And Far Away.flac:d25e5a67c99889245bced8c2517f2353

1973-07-29 D1T5 Misty Mountain Hop.flac:61f2c7fc68c91c1e8ee4c15faf03c974

1973-07-29 D1T6 Since I've Been Loving You.flac:bcd72cb6aed5eb22553a7c89857e1de7

1973-07-29 D1T7 No Quarter.flac:b70d2669670e79050a07d962ae5a9314

1973-07-29 D1T8 The Song Remains The Same.flac:93a070929fa34c323d1084766b30de4c

1973-07-29 D1T9 Rain Song.flac:d2d2331f1fcf6710f3aa6f373026c820

1973-07-29 D2T1 Dazed And Confused.flac:e452abc987f5e3e2cca60673f99405f5

1973-07-29 D2T2 Stairway To Heaven.flac:b8977fd656de017e8c89a8879e88f1b1

1973-07-29 D2T3 Moby Dick.flac:c5591eb35b6ee85e42880d2859d4c27c

1973-07-29 D3T1 Heartbreaker.flac:546dd894a5e755de47162ed6fbbebae2

1973-07-29 D3T2 Whole Lotta Love.flac:e5f5f12a3c363c75ebb492af39e7e326

1973-07-29 D3T3 The Ocean.flac:8b8ef8e8eae83a2e9800f13bbe61220e

1973-07-29 D3T4 Thank You.flac:f3f6a09e8cd93d75d5dee4d887d913c0

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The final New York show and the last concert of the 1973 Tour. The opening numbers

are just powered through and Jimmy's playing is spectacular! "I gotta put you straight

on a couple of things. This year in America we decided to work extra hard, so we did

two tours and this is the last night of the last tour." stated Plant at the beginning

of the concert. Jones is excellent on bass and turns in some great keyboard playing,

especially on No Quarter. Dazed And Confused is an excellent version and by Stairway

To Heaven, the band has left mere mortal status. Moby Dick is immensely long and rather

boring but from Heartbreaker to the end, there is a riot that has the crowd, as well as

the listener, in an absolute frenzy ... the music's that good! That ending of the show

is notable for Bonham’s extended workout at the very end of Whole Lotta Love. While he

bangs away, he’s joined by belly dancers on stage as Plant tries to end the song several


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